Thank You All For Your Positive Energy, Nina Is Back!

Yes, Nina's back, but not because she wanted to. She didn't come home on her own, I had to go get her. I spent a week trying to find her. Last night, thanks to your advise Rosie, I waited till it got really dark, took some tuna and started calling her name. An hour passed by and nothing. It started to rain and my husband insisted I let it go. I thought, I cannot let more that a week go by... Nina has got to appear tonight. A hunch sent me to my car, and along with the tuna, I drove to our previous house, woke up the landlady and went in. (thank god the house hadn't been rented yet!) I tapped the tuna can like crazy all over the kitchen and bedroom areas, and then made my way to the balcony upstairs when suddenly I hear her meow, not in my dreams, it was really her. I don't know about your cats, but mine all have a very distinct meow. I open the door and head into the balcony, still tapping the can, when suddenly looking into the dark I saw her beautiful green eyes! I call her and she runs towards me, completely drenched!!! I started to cry uncontrollably, all I've been holding in, just let go right then and there! Here I am at 10 pm crying my eyes out, Nina eating the tuna nonstop and my landlady bitching at the cat!!!! jajajjaj. I took her home and decided to keep Oliver, the new and canine member of the family, outside, and all my cats inside. It worked ok last night but I cannot make my outdoor cats become indoor cats. But if I let the dog in, Nina might feel intimidated and might just run away again.

Anyway, thank you all, she's back and I love her all the more :)

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Thank you guys! Littlebrownbat, that's such a funny story, I can't believe he went to the wrong house! Should I never let Nina out again? Is she destined to become an indoor cat after four years of freedom?

My cat went missing once and I spent three sleepness nights fretting over him. On the third day I heard howling coming from my neighbor's house. I went over to investigate and found the rediculous creature on their doorstep begging to be let in! He was howling at the top of his lungs at the wrong house! He smelled of perfume and someone's basement so obviously someone had him, but maybe they discovered what we already knew - that poor Goliath wasn't loved for his smarts! Needless to say we never allowed him out again! Glad your kitty has returned.

I'm glad you found your kitty :)