I could write a book about BOMB but I will settle for just telling you how he was named. I had standoffish relationship with one of the barncats on the ranch where I was working. She was very pregnant and it was winter in Colorado so I coaxed her into the house and made her a nest in my closet to give birth. She got to where she allowed me to give her massages as she was having difficulties with her pregnancy. About a month later I was awakened by her at about 1 am, on my chest giving birth, right in my face. She was having real trouble and needed help so I climbed out of bed(people on ranches really do sleep in red longjohns) and assisted her. It was a long labor lasting until sunup and only the firstborn lived. A beautiful tuxedo boy. Before the sun even came up I had thought of a good name for him because he was Born On My Bed and therefore BOMB.
BOMB followed me everywhere I went and even hung out with me when I was using various power saws rebuilding a cabin.
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Had one of those for a short time, full of fire and gusto, his name was Simon, never had a cat I got so attached to so quick.<br />
However, I do not sleep in red long johns, never have. Did sleep in sleep in coveralls once, had a bobcat taking pigs, spent the night in a barn loft which had a direct view onto the pig pin. darn thing picked that night to change to chickens.<br />
<br />
Like the other writer, like the name.

Awe, what a cute story. Love the name btw.