Bomb's Broken Leg

BOMB started out with no fear of horses. I tried to tell him to be careful but he was just a kitten and did not listen too well. One morning after saddling up I heard him screaming and came out of the barn just in time to see him dart into the tack room. I found him under the bench with his leg bent off to the side. I took him up to my room and massaged the leg back into position and made sure the bones were aligned. Then I splinted it and told him to stay off of it for several days. This time he listened. During his convalescence I gave him a lot of love and attention. After several days I made him a smaller splint so he would be able to get around on his own and before too long I was able to remove that as well. I was surprised to see how fast he mended. After that he was a lot more careful around horses.
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Congratulations, I have never heard of anyone getting a splint on a cat, and him deal with it. Very good show.

Tell me about it. Many a cat has met it's demise under the hoof of a horse.

Bomb was one lucky cat that it was only his leg. Glad he had a full recovery and that he knows to stay away from the horses