Our Cats Are A Big Part Of Our Family

I love cats, I have four of them. They make me smile and laugh, and most of they make me feel loved. If I'm having a bad day, they always make things better by jumping on my knee. I love cats because I can relate to them, to their independent spirit and the fact that they make choices and won't do anything they don't want to do. I love their free spirited nature.

I can't remember never having a cat. When I lived with my parents they had 4 cats too. I know that people who aren't cat lovers, have never really been around cats, and don't understand that they talk to you, and have their own personalities and traits. They're fun, loving and comforting. They sense when you need them, like when you're ill, and your cat will come and lay close to you. 

We have more photo's of our cats, than we do of each other, you know how it is, there's always something they are doing that warrants a picture taking. 
In our house I have a collection of cat figures, in various styles on shelves and things, I have books on cats, a calendar that's cats, and even my shower curtain has cats on it, plus two cat figures on the top of the toilet. My family and friends know I love cats so much, that they always get me something cat orientated.

I will probably in years to come, be known as the "crazy cat lady." Only a cat lover can appreciate another's love for cats, and why. It's not just about them being cute little balls of fluff or anything, it's the whole thing from kitten to grown cat. Treat your cat well and it will love you and be loyal, and most of all it will talk to you, you just have to listen. You know what I mean by talking, a non cat lover would see it as just meowing, but like you can interpret a baby's babbling and things, so it is with your cat. You come to know what each of these "meows" means, and no two meows are the same. 

My husband was brought up with dogs, and never been around cats, until he met me. Now he's a dedicated cat lover, and would never have a dog again. He often says, he didn't realize how fantastic cats are, or how clever and funny. He like me thinks of them as family, and he loves it when he comes home from work and they all run to greet him. He calls them his ginger family with exception to our black and white one. At bedtime they follow us upstairs and then go to their usual spots where they like to sleep. Foggy sleeps in the middle of pillows, so he has a bit of mine and a bit of my husbands, one sleeps on a blanket in the corner, the other two get on the beds. We allow our cats free roam through the house, and though I know there are people who think they should be left downstairs, I couldn't do that to my cats. They literally go where we go when it comes to the house.

I don't understand anyone who can look at a cat, and not melt. I think cats are seriously misunderstood!

Wotserface Wotserface
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

I've also read that, and that cat lover's are more intelligent than dog lovers.

your story made me laugh because i have 8 cats most of them were strays or drop offs that we took in your are right about no 2 meows being the same . even in a multi cat household in another room i can tell which cat it is lol and they also say people who have cats are likely to have lower blood pressure no sure why just heard that some where.

My husband was the same way, never had a cat until he got with me. At first he would not let me bring one home because he hated them. After many tantrums I got my way and he fell in love with the kitty I picked out. A year later he told me to get another one, lol. Now he doesn't even like dogs anymore.