My Dear Pug

Pug is the name of my cat....he is about 8 months old. i dnt allow him to go out in fear of wat anybody else will do or if by any i keep it indoors all time nd d most it goes out is with my or on d wen i am busy or unable to take it out it will climb d window nets and will run around the house wildly in a desperate attempt to show that it wants to go out. I am lucky to have this love for cats as i find them the best possible partner anyone can have. I love my cat
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@c8lorraine lovely to hear cat also likes its creature comfort....i have a dog (brutus) n 2 turtles (happy & ness). I am an avid animal lover n i love all my pets as well as any oder stray animal also but i hav dis weakness towards cats i think i juz love dem more :)

I adore my cats. I have had them desexed and I regularly give them a worm tablet and anti-flea solution.<br />
<br />
I let them go outside into the garden to toilet and lay on the grass in the sun. More often than not they are inside because they enjoy their "creature comforts"<br />
<br />
I leave the back door open so they can choose what they prefer.<br />
<br />
I have 5 cats ranging in age between 7 - 16 years old.

Cats are lovely. You can just hold a cat and it makes you happy!