Cat And The Unwanted Robotic Kitten

Once There Was a cat force they were on a mission they had to explore the other universes for lifeforms and they barly made it there were 6 cats cat,loveins,tingting,singsing,thud and,eian cat the leader being a girl got hurt the lifefores defeated lovins and other exept leader cat fainted then another mission save saturn cat is crying while everyone else of the force was on hospital beds then a wolverine claw scopped all the cats and scooped them back heathlier than ever so they went on saturn mission so everyone else than cat cat got trapped a robocat of 567 robocat so she loved her and then the same time that happed the others had the mission done and left home. If you hated my story i understand it was horrible i dont think anyone would like it.
kenzdeli kenzdeli
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2010