My Litter Robot

I just spent $329 on a litter box. Who would do that? Me, I guess. But this goofy-looking contraption works better than any automated litter box I've ever had. I figure it will pay for itself in a year or two just in litter that it doesn't waste. The globe rotates, sifts the litter, dumps the waste into a drawer in the base and leaves the litter looking like a Zen sand garden. All I have to do once or twice a week is replace the trash bag in the drawer. What a "load" off my mind!
LoneRanger85 LoneRanger85
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

Do you know what kind of box that is. It sounds nice, well as nice as a cat litter box can right. XD<br />
I have heard of a lot of them being hard to use or something wrong with it, so if this is a good one I want in.