The Truth About Cats And Dogs

My adult daughter and her husband just moved out after living with us for ten months with their two small dogs. My husband and I have a much beloved Siamese cat (indoor pet) who graciously tolerated the presence of these yappy, demanding, little pests in her house. She did her share of hiding out and sulking when they were with us, but now that they are gone, she is visibly relieved and much happier.

I have always liked dogs, but preferred cats. I think it's safe to say now that I am firmly in the "cats only" camp. My serenely beautiful pet provides me with great company and companionship and much affection without being in my face and demanding like those dogs were. I find her much easier to please and a very suitable house-mate over any dog, anywhere.

We found her at our area Humane Society a couple of years ago, and she has become a wonderful addition to our home. Even my curmudgeonly cranky husband loves the stuffing out of her. I really do love her too.

No more dogs please.
youngonce youngonce
46-50, F
Aug 6, 2010