Cat Conversations (youtube Vid)


plungesponge plungesponge
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12 Responses Oct 17, 2010


Great fun...and interesting because I've never seen cats communicating in this way before. They usually only miaow at people...never seen them miaow at each other. The one on the left has amusing markings a bit like a moustache.

I loved it

Should not have followed this out, night is gone and I have to go to bed, darn, but, some cute girls.

heehee!! both of these videos are awesome. as a matter of fact, i have the first one saved in my favorites on my youtube channel--freakin adorable!<br />
have you seen the one with the kitty massaging the puppy? i should find the link...<br />

I love this video... makes me smile...

Have seen these before (over and over and over)... way too cute :)

i love those noises. what a couple of sweeties. too funny!!

I LOVE IT!!! too cute...! :D

Ohhhhhhh that's so gorgeous !

Cute!! and so are the kittens :)

That's fun, but they're very cute on their own. :)