My Kitty Family

When I finally moved out on my own, one of the first things I did was adopt myself two kittens. Two, because that way they have each other to play with and that helps keep them active. They were the light of my life and still are. Yuki and Shuuichi are brothers and, although I can tell them apart easily, no one else seems to be able to tell who is who.

Six months later, I decided to adopt one more. Sanzo, also a white male, was brought into the house in hopes that the three of them would play together and have fun.

Only a few months after that, I was called by a "friend of a friend" asking if I could take her kitten. She'd adopted it, only to have her children terrorize the poor thing to the point that she would not eat or sleep. So I brought in Calisto, a lovely calico. It took almost two years to be able to pet her and pick her up, but now she's certainly a cuddly little thing.

Next came Kylie. My aunt told me about someone she knew who's cat had had kittens. Unfortunately, the kittens were dying because they were not allowed indoors and it was terribly cold that winter. Fired with determination, we went down there and immediately picked up the two surviving kittens. I kept Kylie, a cute little tortie with stubby legs and a loud purr.

There was a break for a while here, as I didn't intend to get any more pets, but of course that's not how things always go.

My landlady at the time was also an animal lover. She worked for the power company and was checking meters when she found out from a home owner that his mother cat whom had born kittens only weeks before had disappeared. Seeing these young, absolutely petrified kittens having to fight tooth and nail for any scrap of caught prey (the farmer did not feed them), she immediately brought them home and asked me to take care of them. Here I adopted Sammy and Sara, male and female, exactly identical except for the spots on their noses and their extreme size difference. Three years later, I'm still lucky to be able to touch them.

Goku was next. He was an average rescue, a beautiful himalayan, one I planned to neuter and adopt out like I normally would (these are the ones I've kept. I've actually rescued a wide variety of animals). Unfortunately, when he was fixed, something went wrong and his heart stopped. He was critical for four days, enough so that the vet stayed the night at the clinic the first night. Thankfully he survived, but it was a full month before he walked properly, and he still has not regained all of his eyesight. Considering he was completely blind, though, I'd say he recovered quite well! Unfortunately, he's having seizures now and may not live too much longer. Still, he's a happy kitty in the meantime.

Casey and Missy were next. One day, I got a phone call out of the blue from my aunt. "I moved out and can't take my cats. They're somewhere outside. Can you get them for me?" was basically the conversation. My mother and I never thought we'd find them after several days, but they were hungry and domesticated enough that they were waiting by the house and came to us instantly without us even having to offer treats. They're both good pets (Casey is a little... moody), but I gave up trying to adopt them out after four months and simply kept them.

Next came the siblings! Kohana (f), Kyo (m), and Asuka (m). When walking home with my sister, taking a short cut through an alley, we heard mewling. Unlike many people, when I hear animals outdoors I try to find them and make sure they're alright. To my horror, I found these three kittens nearly dead in a box beside an alley dumpster. With several weeks of TLC (and a lot of antibiotics and force-feedings) I was able to get all three of them back up to snuff, happy, healthy and playful. However, their health is very delicate and I don't trust others enough to look after them properly. So, behold, the collection is ALMOST complete.

For here comes Lilo! The most hyper active and destructive cat I've EVER seen. Some "kinda" friends of mine had to get rid of him and I offered to take him until I could adopt him out. I had no idea how badly they treated him though! Turns out the reason I rarely saw him when I visited was because they'd lock him in a room when they couldn't handle his energy, then forget about him. Sometimes for more than a day! When I took him to my home and would hold him and pet him, he would nuzzle against my neck and "cry" the way a cat sometimes does. I fell for him hook-line-sinker and couldn't bear to give him away.


As a special meantion, I would like to bring up Masa. Masa was Lilo and Casey's son (pesky guy got her two days before he was neutered). He was a beautiful orange tabby like his mother, with the personality of his dad, and a delightful little kitten that enjoyed snuggling and climbing. I would have kept him as my 15th and final pet, were it not for the fact that he was killed on New Years this year, by an uncaring human being that tossed him out in -30 weather when he slipped out my apartment door. Two weeks of searching turned up no sign of him. Masa was only with me for a few months, but I will always remember him.


So, those are my pets! I hope others will read this, understand the mind of a multi-cat owner a little better, and love their own cats that much more.

Warmest wishes.

AquaGemini AquaGemini
22-25, F
Feb 15, 2008