Is He Spraying Or Peeing???

I have two beautiful cat's. I have a male cat, we got him when he was really little, itty-bitty, he was so cute. He is about 3 and a half. He was so tiny and he would jump all over, and I would laugh and say that he look's like a little spider, which he did, because he would jump, real fast, all over the place, he was so cute. He is all black and his name is midnight, hence, my screename. I have a girl kitty, her name is zoey, and she is about 1 year old. About a year ago, somehow midnight got out and he was lost for about 4 day's. Me and my son were looking for him everywhere, we were so upset. I was so worried, thinking he was out there somewhere, all alone, hungry. So I asked my neighbor, downstair's, if she had seen my cat and she said " No I haven't seen him, but my friend here has kitten's, and he is trying to find good homes for them". So I thought about about it and I got zoey, she is so sweet and so loveable. Well another two day's go's by, and I asked another one of my neighbor's in the next building over if she had seen a black cat anywhere, and she told me that the day before their was a black cat on her floor, and he looked scared. So me and my son rush over there, go look on the third floor, but no cat . Then we go to the basement area, and underneath the stairwell, sit's midnight, he was so scared and we were so happy to find him. So now I have two cat's and they are so happy to have eachother.  The problem is is that midnight is not fixed yet,  I don't know if he is spraying or peeing, all over the place. He loves doing it on plastic bag's, any kind of paper, or tissue. I can't leave any clothes on the floor, or he will pee on that too. The other day, I bought a new coffee table, and had left a tissue on the table and he peed on it, and it was on the table too. this is sooo gross. I can't take much more. Is he peeing or spraying??? I know I need to get him fixed, I just don't have an extra hundred dollar's right now, and when I get him fixed, will he stop?  Thanks              
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I also love cats

In exactly 4 days, you can stop your cat peeing outside litterbox! GUARANTEED !! There are essentially 3 MAIN THINGS you need to know about inappropriate urination in cats!!! Read here..



I have a unfixed female cat...she's about 4 yrs old. Just recently we moved and a unfixed male cat was abandoned when his owners moved out and left him. He's such a great cat, and we've let him in due to the winter, as well as I just can't handle the poor cats situation...being abandoned, and no one to love him. I think he's adopted us as well. My problem is he is peeing in the house. I rent from a family member, and know there was never a cat in the home. Why is this stray male peeing in my house? There is a litter box, and he has used it...but still insists peeing all over our things. As I said, he is. Good cat...and we may keep him....but I need to know what to do about the peeing. I also have two small dogs, and the male cat often
tries to mount the one dog, any answers????

He's spraying. It's a territorial thing. I had a very loyal male cat for many years, and he was a ******, affectionately called the ******. It was a bothersom problem that started when he was about 6 years old.. he suddenly stopped using the box and ******* on my rug. I moved and of course he pissed everywhere in the new place. It reeks and you can't get rid of it. Make sure the cat has no health problems, but I suspect it's territorial. Not much you can do about it.

Spraying and peeing are the same thing. They are both urinating. The only difference is that when a male cat sprays his urine it is usually because he is marking his territory or is under stress and he stands while doing it and then backs up to what he wants to spray and then lets the urine fly. Neutered males are less inclined to spray, but they still will sometimes. Particularly if they have gotten in the habit because they were neutered too late. <br />
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Sometimes peeing and spraying occurs because they are experiencing stress over something like a new cat in their territory. Just try to calm them by being attentive and reassuring. You can also buy sprays that have a calming affect at the pet store. I adopted a very nervous cat once who would spray in the house even after he was neutered. We ended up having to put him on the equivalent of kitty valium to get him to calm down and stop the spraying. <br />
<br />
It can also be because they have an aversion to the litter box which can be because it isn't cleaned enough, or because of where it is located, or its size, or the litter you are using. Cats don't like using a dirty, smelly urine and feces filled litter box any more than humans like using a dirty, smelly, urine and feces filled toilet. So make sure to clean the litter box regularly. Its best to have at least two if you have two cats. They also need to be big enough so the cat doesn't feel cramped while using it. It needs to be in a location where they don't feel cramped or feel like they are in danger if another animal could ambush them. Cats often do not like scented litter so it is best to use an unscented brand. Its even recommended that you spray the area in your home where they have urinated with perfume or scented freshners because the scent can keep them from soiling the same area again. Some cats don't like the texture of some litters either so you may need to experiment with various kinds to see if it makes a difference. <br />
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You can buy enzyme sprays and cleaners at most pet stores that will remove the pheromones that are left behind after the cat urinates. This will keep them from returning to the same spot to urinate again because it still smells like their toilet. As others mentioned, you should also have him checked by a vet to make sure there isn't a health issue. Sometimes cats will pee or spray because they are ill. I had a male cat with a urinary tract infection (UTI) once. Unlike humans, male cats are more inclined to develop UTIs than female cats. I realized what was going on when he started urinating more frequently and I noticed there was blood in his urine. Antibiotics cured the infection and then I started feeding him a kind of food recommended by my vet that stopped him from developing another UTI in the future.<br />
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The sooner you get him neutered the better. Once a male cat reaches puberty, which usually occurs at about 4-6 months, he will start roaming around looking for females in heat and males to fight with. If he encounters other cats or animals he can become infected with a variety of diseases, many of which are fatal, he can become injured or killed, and if he fights with other cats he can get wounded which can become infected and turn into an abscess which will require expensive veterinary care.<br />
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If you want to have a cat you should be a responsible pet owner. You need to get them vaccinated very early, and spayed and neutered within 4-6 months. You need to get them regular check ups, keep their vaccinations up to date, have their teeth cleaned when needed, get them veterinary care when they are sick or injured, and feed them healthy food. All of this will cost money so if you can't afford to pay for these things you really shouldn't have a cat.

I just want to toss in a little defense here... I totally agree, animals are very important and deserve high quality treatment. No disagreement there at all.
But, I think saying whether or not she should be a pet owner, is not within our possibility to accurately guage. Perhaps she shouldn't be an owner, and just doesn't have enough money. But it could be that she WAS able, and things have gotten worse for her finacially - after she had bonded with the cat. Or perhaps she rescued the cat from the wild or other precarious circumstances...
I'm not sure about anything in any way. I just wanted to defend victims of bad luck. I'm not certain she is one, but I have no evidence to the contrary either.

I think you sound like a very good pet owner and I applaud your efforts and advice. I do not believe you were trying to sound mean or malicious. I'm probably just hyper sensitive. sorry for babbling

yea he needs to be fixed try calling spca in ur area

My male cat is neutered and he doesn't spray - he will show his displeasure by peeing on my bed though if feeling neglected. Neutered males don't tend to spray unless there's a new cat in their territory.

That would be spraying. A functioning (that is, un-fixed) tomcat marks his territory like that. And as you have learned, his territory is far-flung.<br />
<br />
Get him neutered as soon as you can. Not only to allieviate this problem, but to be a responsible pet owner. There are many more kittens than there are homes for them!

I have a male and female kitten I just got fixed. This is what I heard or was told.. Male cats will always spray, even if you have them fixed, however when they are fixed it won't stink as much (hearsay). My kittens are both just under a year old, though the male cat we know is a little younger. I had to get them fixed because they were 'doing it', for the past couple months at least! Him on top of her back and she is pushing her butt up (ever seen it? it's unreal)<br />
<br />
When the female cat was examined, they said it was possible she was pregnant but because it was early, it was good to have her fixed now. During the operation her insides were swollen so she was definitely in heat.<br />
<br />
The state I live in supports a "Neuter Now Program" so I only paid $45 for the male cat's neuter certificate from the Humane Society. This of course did not cover the other things such as necessary kitten shots, lab work or meds, I ended up paying an extra $150 or so. You need to give them antibiotic and antiflammatory meds after their surgery for 5 days. Cats are fun to give pills lol.

yeah it peeing or spraying

i have a male cat named kitt. i adore him he is so cute, all white with a little pink nose. i have a female too. kitt has nowadays started peeing and sometimes spraying on things. once i catch him he just runs away. i dont want to get him fixed cause i want them to have kittens. i have done the water spraying thing whenever he pees and i take him to the litterbox after every 15 to 20 minutes whenever he is awake but still he pees what should i do.

Get him and the female fixed and don't have kittens. There are already far too many unwanted cats in the world and many end up dead on the streets or euthanized at local animal shelters because they can't find homes for all the cats they have to take in. Increasing the feline population by wanting your cat to have kittens just insures that this will continue so please be responsible and get your cats spayed and neutered.

hey your cat is fine well going thur some stuff to be sure but do not sell him short he will be allright but he needs you and all your love

hey i had the same problem!!! the way i fixed it was........<br />
1. Fix them as soon as possible the male 1st if money is tight then the female! just remember one hundred now or having six or seven cats to take care of if she gets pregnant! then it would get really expensive. plus his pee wont be half as nasty with out all the male kitty stuff in it<br />
2. have a litter box for each cat plus one so you would need 3 total, use not to strong smelling litter and clean them everyday at least once<br />
3. more attention lots of love and play!!!!<br />
<br />
these worked for me I hope this helps

i have the same issue but they have shelters where you can get your cat fixed for &75.00 at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.Its a very helpful resource.The price includes a physical exam,spay (females) or neuter (males), rabies vaccine,distemper vaccine,heartworm test (dogs), flea and ear mite treatment, nail trim and a microchip. all for $75.00,but to get him to stop inthe meantime use a water spray bottle and put water and vinegar and spray the areas where he pees and he wont go pee there ever again trust me it works.

PS. also if Midnight gets out again he might run into a Raccoon or other animals with Rabies or what have you!! He just won't be sick any one in contact with him will get infected. Including humans!! the SPCA also gives low cost vaccinations too!! It would spread so fast!! A whole family in B.C-Mapleridge got Rabies!! Could get a few females pregnant too!! Luv ya best wishes!!!! Prsian:) ^..^

wait... a whole family of people got rabies? that's crazy! I didn't know that could happen

the SPCA will do it for free,yes free! If your low income,just bring in your income tax return. They even tattoo his ear. They will do both cat's for you,Midnight and Zoey!! Zoey will need to wait till she's 6mths. I beg you please get them fixed sooner than later as the world doesn't need stray,abandaned or starving cats/kittens out on the street.(If Zoey gets pregnant!) Some people even leave them behind when they move! How cruel!! I suggest giving him lot's of love now,before neutering,and lot's after!! He will be out to lunch for few days!! He will be a happier cat too,less wondering around the neighbour hood! also there's cheap odour removal spray at wm or zeller's,it's the only thing that gets rid of urine(ph),that cat's can smell long after you think it's gone!!! Or your vet, they carry the odour eliminater as well! One more thing get your vet to check his health some cat's will do this if there's a health issue,ie FUS,very fatal if not taken care of right away!!! Look for no h2o in take/little h2o,straining to pee,in pain,blood in urine,stronger than normal odour!! Iam very proud of you for taking in the 2nd cat/Zoey!! Take care, lot's of luck!!! Luv ya prsian : ) ^..^

Please have your male neutered soon. He got out once and he'll do it again. Next time, you may not be so lucky. There was a time when I didn't have a male "fixed" and while out looking for some pu**y he got hit by a car. A neighbor brought him to me in a shovel. YUK! And...of course he's spraying...he is a male cat! There are low cost spay & neuter clinics that can help you. Search them out. THANKS

All the advice above is good. It sounds to me like he is spraying tho. He is marking his territory as they said b/c you brought in Zoey and he was gone for a while.It can also just be stress related due to anxiety from being lost. Fixing will probably stop it, he will not want to roam as much and be generally more laid back. He won't fight with other males either unless cornered -- another good result. Realize that Zoey could come into heat as early as 3 months old! And it is not good to breed one that young (like a 12 yr old) But if Midnight is not fixed soon, he will want to and try. Do check on the net for an inexpensive program in your area. It is not as major as spaying and they recover very quickly. There are some enzyme cleaners on the market that will help get rid of that awful smell even on carpet. But you have to really soak the area. Wash your clothes and stuff with a cup of vinegar and maybe a half cup of pine-sol if the smell is really bad in with the soap and hot water.. Give him lots of TLC and attention too. They are worth all the trouble!

i did a search on cheap spaying and found a clinic that spayed once a month one day, that's all they did that day and it was about $ 40.00 !! . they did it as a service to the community. i can't remember if i found it through the NET or if the doctor was recommend by the humane society cuz i called them too for advice. not only does his pee not smell bad anymore, but he's a tad less determined to run out the door.

He's marking HIS territory. He was "repalced" and now he's back. Get him fixed and he'll be fine. He and Zoey will be best buds:). All will be right with your world. Promise.

thank's for the tips!!

Ahhhh, this can be a difficult problem to work with, depending on his reasons. <br />
<br />
I find most cats will pee on plastic bags, male or female. The same with laundry. I always keep my laundry in a closed basket, or in my dresser. And I have a bag hung up in the kitchen that I put all my other bags into. Sometimes it's just much easier to make the items hard to get to.<br />
<br />
A lot of the time for me, it has to do with scent. Plastic has a strong chemical smell for a cat, one that irritates them. So they'll often pee on it to cover up the smell. The same goes with laundry. If it's been sweated in, or if you have a strong laundry detergent, this could be the reason why. For tissues and paper, sometimes they can have scent to them or it's simply because, in their minds, it's a good place to go.<br />
<br />
First, check if he is squatting or standing when he pees. Then, when he does pee, does he lift his bum and rattle his tail? This is very distinctive and obvious when a male is "spraying" rather than just peeing. <br />
<br />
Removing the scent of urine is also important. For myself, I mix the hottest water I can stand with soap and a strong dose of vinegar. I scrub the area until it's soaked, then attack with paper towel until it's as dry as I can get it. Afterward, spray with a very light air freshener. Usually, this will entirely cover the smell.<br />
<br />
When you catch him peeing, always, always take him to the litterbox immediately. It can help to kinda "rub his nose in it" too as a figure of speach. But don't try punishing him, like a smack on the nose or locking him in a room, because that will just make him upset and he'll probably end up peeing more.<br />
<br />
Getting him fixed would probably help, although it isn't always garunteed. Also, lavashing him with attention could help to. If it has nothing to do with what I meantioned above, then it could simply be that he's been affected strongly by being lost and he wants to make absolutely sure that his home is marked as his territory now that he's back. If it's this case, then it's a process of having him feel completely safe and secure once again.

Don't rub his nose in it and take him to the littler box immediately because if you do anything punishing and then take him to the litter box he will associate the litter box with being punished, and he will avoid it and won't use it. It is best to just take him to the litter box when you catch him.