Guys With Additude

And I don't mean humans!

My dominate male in the house is named Shuuichi. Well, he had his position threatened by a human for the first time with my last boyfriend (not dating anymore, for good reasons, but anyways..).

Josh figured, when he moved in, he could retrain all of the animals to suit his own oppinions. Keeping them off furnature and surfaces, and so on. Something they'd been allowed to do all of their lives. For Shuuichi, that's been 6 years!

So Shuuichi's response? Whenever he caught Josh sleeping, he would pee on his head! LOL I have to admit, he's got good taste in character! Gotta love an animal that can express itself so well.

AquaGemini AquaGemini
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2008

My best friend's cat would pee all over her boyfriend's shoes. Peeing on the head takes the cake for sure. That's one spicy cat. I like

That is sooo funny!!! I can think of a couple men, who I would be tickled to death if my cat peed on them, (my ex for starter's!!) just thinking about that has made my day lol!!! Great story