When I was 9 I was given a cat by my aunt. I really didn't want the cat at first, I thought she was ugly and all she did was hide under the bed.I named her Sweetie. As I got to know the cat I realized her name definetly did not fit. i should have named her Meanie or Miss Attitude. She did not like to cuddle and she strutted around like she was queen of the house. Somehow over time I fell in love with her. She was my baby. My favorite thing to do was aggravate her. I had to be careful though because she had razor sharp claws and knew how to use them. I had her until I was about 20 or 21. I got married and moved into my own house and Sweetie came to live with me. I had 2 small children by that time and I was so wrapped up in being a mom to them that I neglected my cat. I thought it was more fun to play with my baby than my cat. One day I had to put Sweetie outside because she would not stop using the bathroom in the house. She ran away. I still don't know what happened to her. if someone picked her up or she ranaway to die somewhere. I feel so guilty. If only i had kept her in the house I would still have her. I miss her so much and will never stop thinking about her. I will never love another cat the way I loved her. There's no cat like her she was defintely one of a kind.
HurricaneLeia HurricaneLeia
26-30, F
Feb 28, 2008