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I know this is not a domestic cat. I also know that this is a car advert.

Lucky really does live on a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia and she really did get caught in a trap set by a sheep farmer.

When looking at this next clip remember that the Cheetah is the world's fastest land animal - accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 3 seconds. With a top speed of around 120km/h it can cover 100m in 3 seconds (compared to Usain Bolt's world record of 9.58 seconds).

The video seems to be blocked, but if you click the link in the block message you can still see it on youtube.

I always make sure whenever I buy meat that I only support cheetah friendly producers.
sammi11 sammi11 41-45, T 108 Responses Jul 3, 2011

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Right now as I read that, my cat was going drom 0 to insane on a piece of yarn I left out for him. Awesome information.

I said I whould be back. I want to ask what is the best fashion for a 50 year old man to wear when dressed as alady. I want to look very sexie and not to look to much out of place. Where do you buy you'r clothes, I get afew from a girl friend or two. Then I look at wal-mart. But they never seem to have the right things for me to wear. I do buy a lot of panties from wal-mart and love them. Hope you can help me out and thanks Billie

I have 3 rescue cats & a dog plus 2 mink coats, one fox, & tons of leather. I'm sorry but minks chinchilla's, fox, goat, lamb, cow are fur & leather the things I love to wear. If they are being raised for making clothes or eating then sorry animal we eat you, or wear you. They live on longer on me. Sorry but real leather & furs turn Me on more than faux personally so I will wear it. But not anything poachers kill illegally or endangered will I wear. I won't buy ivory or eat in a Japanese restaurant that serves shark fin soup. But I eat veal so go figure. I have always wanted a seal skin coat but when I had the opportunity to buy one from before the ban on them I still did not. But that is it. I believe if it is legal to buy something then If I like it I will buy it.
Now if someone throws paint on Me,my fur, or leather they had better be prepared for what happens because I will pellet gun them repeatedly.

All the wild cats are fascinating! By the way my partner is going to visit Namibia's sanctuary next month and I'm a bit jealous of him...:)

nice to be supportive

Funny, I didn't expect it to be a car ad. Great story though

I love that. THank you for sharing that!

I watched a program about a big cat sanctuary. Cheetah's & Tigers are my favourite out of the big cats. I get so angry to see how we, as humans treat these wonderful animals.
At least there are people out there willing to look after them when others have harmed them.

I am a total supporter of the lives of our animal friends they are really no different than us and what is the real reason for killing these animal. I mean come on if you could see the animal up close and get to know it would could you kill it. I know that I could only if it were suffering but even then I would have a hard time doing so. I have a rescue doggie he is the light of my life and I truly don't think I would be alive if I didn't have him.

Well said
Thank you

the cheeta video works.. :) thanks for the share.

My pleasure

Hey sammi11. I love you for the wonderful person you are. Thanks for the vid. We have adopted animals from the shelter and take care of them. Our tabby cat died last month and we miss him so much. He was twenty two years old! I write a lot of blogs for my part time business and one of the things that enrages me is the bad treatment many animals get. The anger shows up in my writting. Thanks.

Keep up your good work

terrific story and video makes you wonder how we humans can be so cruel,but then just look at the world today maybe if we treat animals better,we will learn to traet everybody better

You have countries that call animal cruelty part of their 'cultural heritage' too

WOW whats wrong with people? But not all men are bad and men or women some people just dont care about anything...sad but true...thanks dear

Well said sweetie

Such a shame, what a beautiful creature she is. It's sad that Men feel the need to trap animals like this and for what purpose?

Thank your for your kind words Jenifer.

it is just plain stupid how people kill those majestic creatures of the earth. they do it just so they can have some kind of trophy as if they did something spectacular. i can understand hunting for deer. the laws have allowed them to thrive at a level which said laws have been remanded because of overpopulation. ok. shoot them. but only shoot it if you plan to eat it. im pretty sure nobody is going to eat an elephant after they have killed it and cut off its tusks for the ivory. i dont think they will eat a tiger after they kill it to take its pelt. and what happens to a bear after someone has made a nice rug to put in front of the fireplace? i know this may sound insensitive but its true. and its a damn shame. there is just no point in it. so you can finance a trip to some foriegn country where you can hunt exotic animals. what is wrong with you? people all over the world are doing the same thing, and if it keeps up there wont be any more of them to hunt. then what? hunt deer or go fishing.

Very well said.
There is the same problem with Rhino in South Africa. 800 poached this year so far for their horns. Only about 10,000 left in the wild... Total population.

Very sweet. She is practically human, she deserves all the love she gets.
Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback


Thank you

It disgusts me the way we humans hunt other creatures for 'sport'. It also disgusts me that we kill and maim for dubious medical remedies. Yet we pay stupefying amounts of money to keep child molesters, rapists, and murderers in the safety of prisons to protect their rights!

Well said!

Thank you. Some might see my view as a extreme...

I must plead guilty to a bit of hunting myself, but I use a camera, not a gun. When I go fishing, I only keep what I plan to eat & return alive those fish that are too small or not on my menu. Here in Sweden The hunting season is short, in fact when the strict quota is met, the season is over. The animals shot, in just about every case, end up on the table. I have even tried bear suasage & moose tartar, a more tastey version of beef tartar. It is the big game hunters that I detest. Commercial fishing needs to be looked at with the view of being more species specific & more eco friendly.

Yes, a very touching story. It is very sad how poaching and animal traps are devastating the wildlife here in Africa. We have a very serious problem with several species bordering on extinction yet the poaching and killing continues.

I know sweetie. Hugs, Sammi

good story. thanks for shareing

very cool

I love cats too, 4 cats allow me to look after them when it pleases them of course.


Well said Kayleew<br />
Hugs<br />

A beautiful story. As someone not fully a cheetah myself, doesn't mean I'm not a cheetah on the inside.

I agree Tommyboy<br />
Hugs<br />

Maybe you can.<br />
It just needs a forward thinking AD agency<br />
Hugs<br />

Now if we could only do the same for the wolf!

Thank you Gregina<br />
Hugs<br />

Brilliant!<br />
I hope that the video does something about changing perspectives.<br />
Hugs<br />

Thank you for sharing that video. I am an animal supporter myself