Now That's Love!

I don't think that I could love cats more than I do. I'm allergic to pollen and cat dander yet I have two cats. To me it's worth it to deal with the occasional stuffy nose. Just have to keep them off my pillow!

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Yes Pedro....I use Flonase. Without it I probably couldn't breathe.<br />
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You are funny salar1.

I suppose you could say that I love cats , but I dont know if I could eat a whole one ...... ;)<br />
Its a lofty goal that you can hope to someday aspire to - lmao

Sweet. Now if I could only control his shedding - lol<br />
I brush him everyday.....he's like a lion.

My current kitty cat NEVER gives me the cold shoulder. Even if I'm gone for days. He loves me :)

Yes I kid of feel the same way. I like to be able to come and go and you can't do that with a dog. Leaving for a long weekend is no big deal to my cat.

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I've been using flonase for the past while and it works for me. I don't get stuffed up at all anymore. I'll keep those drops in mind if things get worse though. Thanks for the info.

bassy: try BioAllers allergy drops. I use them for things like pollen, hayfever and cat dander. <br />
<br />
After the first dose, you sneeze a little at first, but after a couple of hours the symptoms clear right up. <br />
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They have been restricted in Canada (they used to be available in the Canadian market but they were blocked for some reason) but you can import them from the USA if you have an American girlfriend...LOL - :)

I have never heard of a dander free cat. Very interesting.

I have a female white turkish angora. She has no dander! The only problem is I can't wear dark clothing, as she's a "lap cat". But try one . They are very rare, My nextdoor neighbor got theirs when they worked in Saudi Arabia. There are some angora look a likes that are not dander free.

Hellow fellow cat lover. I am not a crazy cat lady but instead a crazy cat man, I am digusted that my kind are treated with such disrespect by a cat loving website. One day when cats rule the free world those who mocked crazy cat lover's will be sorry. And as cat queen I will sentence you to cat litter duties, Mwa ha ha ha ha.

I pretty much like most animals. I think part of what I like about cats though is that they are the only pet that doesn't really need you per say.

I had a crazed ex boyfriend that screamed at me one day, during an argument, "you'll end up in Broxtowe, (bad area) with about 5 kids" sucker.....ended up in The Park (v.good area) with two cats and a fab fella, what a loser he was! Cats rule.......dogs do their best but just don't manage it! lol<br />
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Namaste x

Thanks nan, I can't look at a animal that has been abandoned and not do anything. I just can't. It's a wonder that I haven't become the crazy cat guy yet.<br />
Two of my cats can open doors bob. Sometimes that's not a good thing-lol

Well, I'll avoid the cherry pop discussion and get back to the topic, I think (heehee)....honour to you for rescuing a poor little kitty. I have a rescue cat who was near death when I got her. She rules the household now.


One of my best buddies is a dog person. Whenever he visits one of my cats just jumps right into his lap -lol<br />
They can tell a good person :)

Oh, it's so true.. Like yourself I am very much allergic to cats. I sneeze, I itch, I break out, and yet I have one of my own and also take of all the homeless cats on the block. I can't stay around them long, but very second is worth the bother.<br />
I have never meant a creature that was worth knowing as a cat. It's funny, because most of my life I was a dog person. It wasn't untill I moved into an area that had a bad rat problem that I encouarged them to be near my home, but I actually never had a chance I guess. All my life I used to tell people I didn't like cats, I guess because like most cat haters, I didn't like something that I couldn't control or lie to. But I was fooling myself and others, but not the cats. Time, over and over, all my live a cat would come into a room and guess who they would come right to, and who's lap they would end up sleeping in? Yep.. I never had a chance.. Achcoo and thank God

Sounds like a plan :)

Um.....yea it kinda was-lol


Are you stalking me little boy?-lol

We love you too bro

Was it luck....or fate?

Already taken care of :)

Whats that?

Lucky me :)


Really? Do they like blow pops?

That's a fear that is more than ok. Unless of course you become the crazy cat lady with 29 cats that no one ever sees -lol

I get weak when I see a kitty that needs a home. Last year I went to my local trailer rental place to get a box trailer for my band. I came home with a trailer and an abandoned kitty that was pretty near death. He is healthy now although deaf from the ear mite infection that he had from living outside. For the first three days he only ate and slept. I just love him to pieces. He is the most loving cuddly cat that I have ever had.