Crazy Cat Lady

I tend to have a lot of issues with developing healthy romantic relationships with me. Don't know exactly why, I am in the process of figuring that one out. Could be me, could be them, could be my father's non-fathering method of parenting, could be a combination. Well anyhow, I had just dumped the man I was planning to spend my life with for cheating on me, and started hanging out here on EP. I had this one friend, who had really big crush on me and was always trying to get me to confide in him. One day I was talking about my issues, and I made some silly comment to the effect that maybe I should just forget about men and become a crazy cat lady. That went over like a lead balloon. He chewed me out for that; and I wasn't even serious o.0 damn!

I wish I didn't like the male kind as much as I did. I could see myself living quiet happily at times with my furball friends. Maybe in a decade or two when my hormones die down...I am kidding! I love meh Mr. Jones. :)

I would be a quintessential Crazy Cat Lady, not only do I adore felines, but I already got the crazy part down pat!

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It is just so easy to love animals.

Both men and cats have their advantages and disadvantages. I think depending on another being to be your one and only and give you all the companionship you need is really demanding.

i could of wrote this! Hi, one crazy cat lady to another. Blessings to you.

Hi, I love cats also.<br />
<br />
I used to think most men went for dogs not cats, until i met my husband and i adopted a cat from the RSPCA. Well he fell in love with her and she him. He gives her lots of attention and plays with her. He admits he didn't like cats much before this, but she is very special.<br />
<br />
I was married to a cheat and you are well rid of him. They don't stop because they get married.<br />
Don't give up hope, i was 3rd time lucky with my man.<br />
<br />
Love & light to you.

I hear you. I have a cat that I love dearly. I had one die last halloween and within the last several months, adopted another cat. I had one friend tell me that it would be hard to find a man that liked cats. Really? I thought it would be hard just to find a decent man and that didn't want to have kids. Sigh. I may only have one cat but I love her a lot and boy is she spoiled. She is spoiled like my dear cat that I lost last yr. (which means, she is extremely pampered but well mannered).