My Fur Babies

Actually, I have two, a boy and a girl. They have been my sweet, furry, little companions for over 10 years. I love them dearly and they are independent and loving.
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We have four, and agree with you - they're our "fur babies!" All four have completely distinct and different personalities. Its fun to watch them interact with us and with each other.<br />
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By the way, we're friends with your love, KingofSwords. Its obvious you two have a wonderful relationship! <br />
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Happy Easter weekend!

Thank you. Happy Easter to both of you.

They really look like,. Royal one.<br />
i like their poses.

Hi , I love cats too , at present i have a toy dog I love to bits but for how long is the question. He has malformed legs and is now ten years old,. I have been told I can have pets by someone when I eventually move to Albany and if you are wondering where that is it is on the south coast of Western Australia. Love the sound of your ***** catsor furballls.

Sorry about your dog. Maybe one day you will have a cat. Pets are wonderful companions.