Something About Them...

I don't have a favorite pet, but I think cats are the most interesting. Their bodies have a beautiful shape. Especially their faces. Also, you can't figure them out quickly. Sometimes you can't at all. Most dogs immediately love someone. If they are trained well, they do whatever their owner asks of them. I love them too, but they don't seem to think about things so much. Cats don't listen because they choose not to, not because of stupidity. They have intelligence. They don't make computers, but you can see that they think. They try to figure stuff out. Also, unlike many other animals, we did not domesticate cats. They decided to live with us. Even today, some stray cats seek out people to live with. Cats also seem to have a larger range of personalities than other animals. Some cats are loners, some rub against their owners as soon as they get home. Some like to explore, and others sleep much of the day. And...there's something about them. They make you look at things twice. I'm not sure how to describe it, but if you own a cat you know what I mean.

Speaking of meanings, what does this mean? :3 It reminds me of a cat, but it's an emoticon.
18-21, F
Oct 20, 2011