Im A Crazy Cat Lady:)

actually i love all animals.. cats, dogs- german shepards and huskies are my favourites!- and all living creatures:))
but i love cats so much:) i have two in my home... most frienly siamese cat in the world:)) i love him very much:)) im traveling a lot and he hates even 10 min car ride to dovtors, so i dont torture him, he stais behind with my family.. but i really miss him... 
but anywhere i see cats, i do my best to help them- teach chisldren to hold them right, not to hurt them.. feed them, if they seam hungry or etc..
and i love other cat people.. i find immediately same language with people who love cats:))

caramellacrisby caramellacrisby
22-25, F
Nov 13, 2011