Alfie Is Growing Up...

Our crazy kitten Alfie, aka Sozynitzyn, Puck, Bad Boy, is growing up. He has been very quiet and dignified lately. He is so serious. I have taken to calling him Master Alfred. He was such a crazy kitten just last week, tearing up the toilet paper, climbing up the plastic on the windows,nose diving into tables full of jars of pens and cups of coffee. He was a real little prankster. Now he is all dignified. I think it is an adolescent stage. I remember getting all serious for a while. I hope he isn't ill. I can usually tell if a cat is ill. He just likes to sit up like an egyptian statue, or lie against my leg when I'm writing on the couch. I love him in all his moods. He is black and white. We are putting off neutering him so he'll get that big Tom masculine look I love so much in male cats. He is standing up to my big furry black female, Tolstoy. She attacked him and growled and he just stared at her, hissed one time and stuck his nose up in the air. I think she has met her match!!! I'm sure soon they will be curling up together. Alfie is an indoor cat, by choice. If he was an outdoor kittie, I would have spayed him. I worry about all the strays. Please pray for our dear old Schrodinger's cat. She isn't looking too well. She is reclusive, preferring to spend all of her time in the attic bedroom. She is 17years old and has had many litters of kittens in her time. She is looking very thin and her hair is growing sparse. I still grieve over every cat I've lost. And I love the ones I have so dearly. They are my babies.Thanks for reading.:)_
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2 Responses Nov 16, 2011

Very sweet story :)

Alfie sounds cute as! I miss having a kitten in the house. Mine is now a grown lady and very much an outdoor cat, but just as affectionate as ever. Thanks for the update on Alfie's progress.

Thanks for reading it. What is your cat's name? She sounds lovely! How have you been? take care and God bless you!!!:)