My Cats Have Some Sharp Claws.

I've read quite afew of the stories on here and there seems to be a trend of Cat's adding joy to people lives, appearing when comfort is needed. Mine's no different. ^_^

For most of my life I was indifferent to cat, I had 2 as a child but mostly just left them to their own business and my parents took care of them. However about 2 years ago, I did hit rock bottom after the sudden death of my father. I just became a shell, there's no other word for it. But after about 2 months, I remember walking home from college, no really seeing or hearing anything that was going on around me and I accidently kicked a card board box that was in the way of the pavement, outside of a bus stop. I would have kept walking but this ball of white fluff had latched itself into my shoe and was happily digging in it's needle claws. 2 kittens had been hudled out of the box and were attacking my feet! I wasn't impressed at the time but they both awoke me from my dream like state. And then I fell in love with them both. One was a boy, the other a girl. Both pure white, bundles of joy with a hatred for my shoes. xD

There were other kittens inside the box when I look but they had died :( I bought them home though and buried them in my garden. I keep the girl and boy, calling the girl Sapphire after her blue eyes and the boy was called diamond, after the diamond shaped'ish black mark on his belly. They both are my joy, truely, they are so loving and affection cats with  mischeivous moments. My family likes to say they were heaven sent for me. ^_^
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yes they are.

Good for you,. helping those kittens tells me what a wonderful person you are. Hope you have lots of years with the puss cats. I am so sorry about your Dad