A Sweet Cat

My neighbor has A cat that they named kit kit. I used to pet Kit kit when I saw her in my yard and she purred, I love to hear A cat purr. Now Kit kit comes to my front door and scretches it so i will know she is out there and I let her in the house. I buy A gallon of milk just for her to drink,I cant get her to eat anything else. She has her spot on my bed where she napps. the more love I give her the happyer she is. I have been around A ton of cats and I have never saw another with her personality. I wish she was my cat, We are very attached to eachother..
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Ahhh,lovely. Cats are very independent animals. They may act so cute,but it's all for THEIR own benefit. They are wonderful pets and quite often have second homes. What you must not do however is feed them(provided they're well looked after by their owner that is)as the cat may abandon it's home for yours,if it thinks the food's better at yours. Not fair on it's owner. On British t.v.,there's been a short series called ''Cats of Claw Hill(a place in Scotland). It's an insight into the neighborhood cats and what they get up to. I have 2 cats,brother and sister. She's a house cat,he's an outdoor explorer . Both are lovely and are now 18 months old. I got them from kittens. Both have faces like the ''Felix'' cat on the brand of cat food,which they love. He's called ''Felix'' and she's called ''Flo,''(short for ''Florance''). He's the boss though.

Why dont you give the chance of a home for a kitty and you the chance of enjoy his/her company¬°¬° Kit kit can still visiting you both.

do you think kit kit will get jelous?

Maybe a couple of days, but if the new one is a kitty they will be friends more quickly. The experience of be responsible of someone is nice, make us feel that we are important.

Cats choose where they want to be. We had a cat back in the 80s named Ambrose who technically belonged to our neighbours, but he picked us.

At least it is the neighbors cat and not his wife lol


Kitty cats get to cheat all the time on their people - and not only do we forgive them, we think it's sweet. Funny how that works. :)

That's very true

What a lovely story. :)

The cat helps with the lonelyness, it is not as good as a female companion and I dont know how to express this but after reading atories about people being in misserable relationships I am thankfull to be single, It defentaly gives me second thoughts of wanting to find someone else