I have always had at least one cat since I was a child.  Last year around this time, I rescued a mommy cat and her 5 kittens.  I kept three of the kittens for myself, and they just turned a year old.  We have 4 cats total right now, and lots love.

All of my cats have been with us 19-21 years.  We cherish our meows.     
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Mr meows? lol.. I have known someone who named their cat this. She was a qool woman. I sure miss her wild ways. She was the funniest person. On or off one she was just as unpredictable as her kitten.

I have three cats. One is 17 years old and looking thin. Her hair is getting sparse. She had a hard life before she came here. A bad man tried to feed her to a big mean dog. He fed lots of kittens to dogs to try to train them to kill. His dog got out and bit the shoulder of a little girl and he had to get rid of the dogs. Good!!! So evil!!! If I'd known him it would have been hard for me not to put an end to him. Cats are my babies. At times I have loved them more than most people. My little Alfie is deaf and very clumsy. He is so funny. But lately he has been acting all serious, statuesque and sleeping by my side more. He is growing up and mellowing out, and he stands up to Tolstoy, the big furry female who rules the house! She has met her match!!!

Thats great i love cats but unfortunately my mom is allergic so she won't let me have one, but i got to cat-sit for a friend for a week and i loved the little guy! its funny that you called them "meows" thats what we (my friends and i) call them as well :P