My Poor 3 Legged Cat

5 days before christmas i went outside to see if i would have school... low and behold i saw a cat out on my steps meowing holding out its paw... i ran inside as fast as i could yelling "MOM!!! MOMM!!!!!! theres a kitty outside holding out its paw!!!" she said let me see, so we walked outside in the 20 degree temp and she started cring and she said "poor kitties paw is broken"... so i stayed home from school watching the kitty not being able to do anything until my dad came home... when he finally came home it was 6:00p.m. and i couldnt see the kitty.... i looked around for about an hour and finally found it on my neighbors porch meowing. I picked her up as careful as i could and carried her home. for the first night we kept her on the porch with plenty of water and catfood (because my mom wanted to make sure she didnt have fleas) to the next night she came in and we bathed her and fed her and that night she slept in my bed... the next morning i woke up and i had to go to school s and this school day seemed to drag-on FOREVER!!! i wanted to get home and pet my nameless cat, and to pass time i tried to think of a name for her.... 5 days before christmas... what do people hang up??? Holly... that was it! after school i rushed home and started calling the cat Holly... about a week passed and we had to get her registered and what not and the vet said "did you know her paw was broken??" and we said we know and could he fix it. he said "no... its too damaged, only choice is to amputate it..." so 3 days later we had a kitty with 3 legs, we fixed her too because how she was thrown out of the car (yes, she was thrown out of a car) it turned her uterus so it would kill her kittens and her... now she is a healthy happy cat that sleeps in the sun with my other cat, Spot, and they absolutly love each other, they cuddle, spar, and clean each other, just like two loving cats. that was 3 years ago shes still healthy but dying... just like any other living thing on earth... knowing i saved this poor cat from the roughness of outside, i know i did somthing good.

Well i home you enjoyed reading this story ^_^ i know i had a crying fest typing it :-)

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That's so sweet! I would have done the same thing:)

touching story and cats thank you from everywhere and me too , that was soooo kind of you

Thank you for this post! You did a wonderful thing saving that cat's life! And although she is dying [or dead? this is an old post] I'm sure she will die happy knowing she did live a good life.

Ahhhh,that's lovely of you all. I good deed. I took in an abandoned adult cat that lived under a house of a friend. She could'nt take it in as she already had a cat. It was black,which turned out to be dirt. After bathing her,she was completly white with none of the problems associated with a white cat,namely deafness(sometimes a fault in the genes of white cats). She made herself at home. I'd had cats before,once again,given me by a neighbor who moved. Both of them lived to a ripe old age but got cancer and had to be put down by the vet. I vowed I'd never get another until ''Snowy''(the name I gave her)turned up. She saw me through MY cancer(now recovered). One morning,at the foot of my bed,where she slept,she did'nt move. She'd gone. She'd been with me for 4 years. Once again,I said that's it,no more cats. That was until my neighbor's cat gave birth to 3 kittens. I had 2 of them. Brother and Sister,now 18months old. They look like the ''Felix'' cat on the brand of cat food,so he's Felix and she's Flo. He's the boss though.

Great story. When I lived on Maui, we had a three legged cat as well. We never knew what really happened, but assumed that one of the dogs on the farm had gotten to her. She ended up on our doormat, and if I hadn't looked down, I would have stepped on her as I went out the door. Her rear leg was amputated, and when she healed, she instantly became the queen of the neighborhood. She fared very well, as though she was born with three legs, and lived to a healthy old age.

What a nice, though sad, story... you are really a great person! I just wonder HOW people like those who made your cat suffer can be so cruel... :((

No one who cares about cats would enjoy this story! You see a cat with a broken paw, run inside as fast as you can, your mom CRIES and tells you its paw is broken, then you leave it unassisted all day in below-freezing weather, force it to go crawl next door and cry for help from your neighbors, leave it on your porch overnight, then let it suffer for a week! Why do you think the vet asked you IF YOU KNEW her paw was broken?! I wouldn't brag about doing something good!

Guess they don't know broken bones hurt, and probably have no clue about bone marrow embolisms.

We had a 3-legged cat as well. We lived on an Air Force ba<x>se and our neighbor shot our cat with an arrow. The arrow barely missed her heart/lungs and caused her to lose the entire leg, all the way to the "shoulder" area. Thankfully there was an eyewitness, but investigators for the AF turned up nothing. My husband was persistent and we even posted a lighted sign outside our home that read "GOD SEES ALL." We faced it towards his house so that he had to look at it every day when he came and left the home. It took a long time, but eventually the pressure got to him and he turned himself in to his AF commander. We had to promise no "outside" authorities would be contacted and he had to pay the vet bills (over 1500). My Kieta lived a decent life and got along well. I hate what he did to my cat, but deep down I know that what goes around comes around and someday he will get his.

Thats so sad someone would throw a cat out of a car like that. I'm glad you saved her.

Oh that is a beautiful story--thank you for rescuing her! How old is she, and may i ask, why is she dying? You said she is healthy but dying--just wondering what is wrong with her? Big hugs to you and kitty! xoxo

How terrible! I didnt cry along with you as I am toughened from all of the stries of rescued animals Ive heard and even seen the results of. My grandmother and grandfather adopt countless strays and injured animals, including coyotes, owls, turtles, and foxes. They live out in the country and injured animals are left on the country roadsides and literally come right up to our house, the closest thing to the road. Also my dad and his fiance are a part of labs4rescue. I think it was a wonderful oppurtunity to rescue this cat!

i am glad you helped this cat that shows alot about a person

I took my brother's daughter's three-legged female cat in rather than him abandon cat to his ex-wife. I had to separate her from my two tomcats but she did fine because my Alpha male was not receptive. I had Peaches for her last three years & she passed at age 15 - not bad for a feline leukemia-positive three-legged cat.<br />
My wife & I still have the younger of the two males, now 15 and insulin-dependent diabetic. I found him at about 5-weeks-old in roadside bushes when I was stationed in Okinawa. I brought him home along with my other three cats. He's one of the most affectionate cats, especially male, that I have ever known in 31 years and numerous cats in that time.

We lost a ragdoll female who I named Pretty as she was so pretty. We took her in and 3 months later she had to be put to sleep as she was dying slowly from feline leukemia...It broke my heart to have to do it but she was suffering so badly. <br />
<br />
We now have 8 cats, Thor-big black tom cat, Sammy who fights with Thor, Mini-Torti colored female who hates everyone but Thor, then we have Sophie who lives under our love seat and everyone chases, Reggie and Rocky yellow and white both from the same litter-and they love Sammy the snot head who chases thor. Gracey who is all black female, Sunny yellow striped cat...<br />
<br />
All were strays or feral but the boys Reggie and Rocky..who we got from a home owner. <br />
We are one big happy family with no day the same but always filled with laughs.

Aww that's such a cute story (: Thanks for sharing (:

It's so good that you tookthe poor kitty in...<br />
What monsters to throw a kitten out of the car >:(

I have a friend with a 3 legged cat. Cept this one is missing it's back left leg, and really struggles to get around with that leg inoperable.

You are an amazing person for rescuing that poor kitty, and God will bless your life. I'm sure he sends animals to homes where He knows people will care for them for Him.<br />
<br />
I have a black *tri-pod* and she has managed to get around on 3 legs for almost 10 years now.<br />
<br />
It puts a bit of a strain on her spine, and the vet gives her a bit of chiropractic manipulation at her check-ups. She's one very happy and loyally loving kitty.<br />
<br />
Yours should live a long and happy life, they cope with 3 legs just fine

A stray had kittens at my home 3 weeks ago. She didn't remove the umbilical cord and it became wrapped around a baby's foot for 3 days before I discovered it. I cut off the cord but it was too circulation and the foot died. However, it seems the mom has removed the dead foot. The kitten is eating well and gaining weight. I guess it will learn to adapt with 3 feet. Any comments?

i am so happy you helped this poor kitty.i cried my eyes out how can anyone do such a terrible thing?i would of done the something you did.should be more people like you in the world.

It is good you took her in, but an injured animal should never be left out in the cold if you can do something about it and should be taken as soon as possible to a vet. Her leg may have been saved and she must have been in a lot of pain.

awwww what a sweet/ sad story (i cried!)... i am so thankful that there are people like you and your family that will rescue little animals like your Holly. I relle dont understand how somebody could throw a living thing out of a car!!! why cant they just drop it off at a shelter or vets office =/... anyways thanks for sharing a lovely story =)

I have an almost fully white cat named Hógolyó (it means Snowball ^^), we found him 3 years ago when he was very little, meowing in our gardens very end. Someone throwed him into. He was very dirty and thirsty, and we also thought that his paw is broken, but luckily no. We just grabbed him and get some water and milk for him. He liked it, but he was still meowing. I was fondling him for a while and then we put him into the cabin to rest, where we keep the wood and also this is the temporary cat house. <br />
He was still meowing almost all afternoon, but next day we let him to walk in the garden to know his home. <br />
Now i have 2 cats, he and Tigris (Tiger), but Hógolyó is even a big cat now, he is very lazy and very happy.<br />
Its funny if i say "Hógi" to him, he say meow every single time :3 :D

It's a lovely story, no doubt about that, but if you knew her paw was broken, why didn't you take her to the vet right away? That part just sort of confused me, I mean wouldn't she have been in a great amount of pain? Anyway, it's good she's all right now and friends with your other cat. lol I have a cat named Molly, haha.

i have a 3 legged cat called Toby.<br />
We got him when he was born and when he was 2 he had an accident with a car, we took him straight to the vets but they couldnt fix it, we had the choice of whther to have his leg amputated or have my beautiful cat put down, he iss such a sweetie i couldnt live without him!!!<br />
He is now nearly 11 and still going strong, and he is such a nice cat, wouldnt hurt a fly, so glad we didnt puthim down!!!!!!!

I had a 3 legged cat as a pet for well over 10 years.<br />
I miss that cat..:(

I cried right along with u. I belive that God sends the animals to the ones that will help and love them because its awful to think of the alternative with all the cruel people out there. My hearts desire is to own enough land to have a animal sanctuary, one has to look no farther to find unconditional LOVE!

I am glad you helped this poor cat.<br />
<br />
Its always important to get an injured animal to a veterinary as soon as possible, or if they are injured, better to get the vet to come to them. There is no time to lose.