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Miss Her...

I had a lovely cat. Ginger one. Adorable. She always slept on my pillow, which meant I could never use it, but I didn't mind. But then she died. Kidney failure, they suspect. She's buried in the back garden now... I miss her... We only had her for two years. She used to be our neighbours' cat but we took her in when they had to move and were gonna give her to the RSPCA. She was already living with us, as it is!

Toffee... She was 15 when she died... It's been a year.

I think I'm gonna get another cat once I'm out of uni, so in about 4 years... That's one hell of a wait...

deleted deleted 26-30 1 Response Apr 19, 2008

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15 is a good age for a cat to live to! I lost five cats, all under the age of 5. :-(