My Gwen

My little kitty has been an angel in disguise for me, there was no better perfect timing for me to find a kitty cat like Gwen, my adopted fluffy siamese, I love her sooo much!
Dreamforever86 Dreamforever86
22-25, F
7 Responses Dec 1, 2006

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Siamese Dreams and the two of you I am sure twin one another not only in adorableness but mishchievious too.

Them cats seem to know and my life has been lacking love not having one.

Was that kitten real? Or a dream and a vision? It is possible, that the kitten wasn't your bad luck, but a premonition of what was coming. Your boyfriend leaving.

After 2 nights ago i feel they can sense more than that...I had a dream 3 nights ago about a black kitten underneath a filthy dumpster and i was sitting there in the filth just to pet the didnt bother me at all..this black kitten was the only importance. The next Evening after i told my boyfriend about the dream, i went out on my bedroom patio which in on the 3rd floor, i looked down (it was almost 2am) and saw the SAME black kitten looking up at me on the 3rd floor, just sat there and looked at me. I finally called my boyfriend to see since it was so ironic to me. I glanced away for one second and it was gone. I proceeded to tell my bf how i dont think black cats are really bad luck then we went inside and went to sleep. The next morning i had a physical therapy session so we woke up early, my bf received a voicemail from his Navy Recruiter, He was supposed to leave the next day. Once he called him back he found out it was actually that day he was supposed to take off...i sure wasnt prepared, this is my 2nd night alone without him and im wishing i didnt get the bad luck from that kitty, or am i just being superstitious now? :/

Don't sweat it. Life happens. Kitties do know a lot about what's going on, but coincidence happens too. Who knows, maybe the kitty will come back to keep you company?

How sweet -- our cat did that too -- he came along right when we needed him. Do you think they can sense that?

Sounds adorable. I love my cats too.