Picking Up Time

My cats only allow me to pick them up and hold them for a few minutes. Then, they'd start squirming around and yowling to be let down. One, in particular, T-chan, hates to be picked up and will run away when she senses that I'm itching to hold her. There's sort of a resigned expression on her face when I catch her.
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It very much depends on the personality of the cat and how they mesh with you.<br />
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We have five cats: Mystique, George, Ivan, Thomas and Chester. <br />
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George and Mystique are undeniably my cats (that's George in the avatar photo, BTW). They will both let me pick them up. Mystique will stay there indefinitely, but George will want to be let down after a few minutes. I can sometimes pick up Thomas or Ivan, but they have to be in the right mood. Chester can be picked up even less frequently. <br />
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However, if my wife wants to pick one up, George or Ivan will not usually stay still for her. Mystique will hang out for a few minutes as will Chester; Thomas will stay on her shoulder indefintely.

My cat doesn't usually mind being picked up. She will wriggle when she's had enough, but I usually put her down before that happens. She's also a great lap sitter and seems to crave physical contact with me and other males. She's a bit more distant with ladies - my daughter for instance. I guess that's because I live alone now so the bond between me and the cat is extra strong.

How old are you? Cats are not like dogs. Most cats do not like to be restrained. Appreciate the cat for the animal it is and not subject it to your rules. Let it come to when it wants to sit on your lap. Read up on cat behaviors so you can understand the cat.