Is There A Cat Whisperer Out There?

i need to talk to a cat whisperer as the ones i have need therapy or i need therapy or both!!!
charlee17 charlee17
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1 Response May 12, 2012

i just seem to collect unusual animals. they are all strays or offspring from strays and i want to understand how to keep them in satisfying life experiences, but like a parent i want to control as much as i can. basically i have (3 )15 lb male brothers from a feral cat all fixed and about 3 years old , then i found a tiny female gray striped kitten on a busy road median she is about 21/2 years these have always got along ok then a tiny male starving tux cat wandered up to the porch and we took him in he's fixed the other males don't like him and he sleeps in our room for safety. they don't attack him all of the time just when u least think about them. and we had another female kitten 9 months ago show up on the porch. they all like her. that's inside outside we have 2 female feral offspring and 3 cats that come and go at whim only one is fixed as she is tamed down but the female mom of the 2 outside i can't get to her and she is not going to go into a cage easily. we have 10 acres and we live about 2 acres in but the outside cats seem to go to the road as many in the past have been hit on the road. what i don't understand is how to protect the outside cats from each other. you see i live in a area where it is easy for someone to slow down drop off and drive away without being seen so we have had about 50 cats cross our land in the 12 years we live here. we feed them and i fix as many as i can and find homes but many just wander off leaving one to wonder did they die or just get better food somewhere else? but i am frustrated by how to help ferals as when one shows up u lose others . the hierachy of animals is cruel at times and the feral males are now more than just one i have 3 coming around because of the feral female. i have a havaheart cage but haven't had much success at using it as we have to feed the tamer outside cats. any ideas on how to tame feral cats to get them fixed.? thanks most people that i work with think i am insane to try to help these animals but i feel that they are here for a reason and will not let animals starve because of someone else's irresponsibility/