The Loss Of A Fascinating Cat.

You all know about the variety of cat personalities. We recently lost one of the nicest cats I have experienced. She was a shelter cat that we got at 5 years old. My spouse chose her because as she was looking at the cats, she was the only one that came out of her little cubby to interact. Once home she had the attitude that she completely owned the house. Yet, she enjoyed playing fetch, running after and returning toys that we would toss. And, she was a good hunter - enjoying the task of ridding the yard of mice - one time she came in and threw up what we thought was a hairball, but was instead a whole mouse.- and this from a 7 lb. fluffball of a black cat. I enjoyed how very interactive she was; not just a food-friend.

I'll miss her. Alas that these animals we love have such a short lifetime.
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2 Responses May 30, 2012

I too remember a little black cat who came to me when all his brothers and sisters ran away,he was a little stray,I took him home,I lost him too.The story is too painful and I cannot bring myself to share it,but your story brought him back to me.Take care.

Thank you.

I know what it feels like to lose a loved one I just hope you didn`t have to go through what I had to.... just.... just watching their eyes go from life to lifeless before your very own eyes is the most devastating thing I have ever had to go through :,(.<br />
But you know what she is in a better place where she does not have to worry about anything bad happen to her.<br />
May she Rest In Peace.

Thank you.