Cats Are A Gift From God

There is no other animal in the world quite like a cat. How many other animals actually clean themselves? And how many smell
so good? The answer is none. I had many cats growing up. Each one has a unique place in my heart. My latest was a ginger tabby
named Soxy. He was my faithful and loving companion of 16 years until he died of old age on March 23rd,2011. My life has not been
the same. I miss him so much. His gentle kisses in the morning, his warm purring body in my lap on a cold winter night. The way he
would greet me after a long stressful day at work.His green eyes seeming to look into my soul and love me unconditionally., no
matter what. If there's a cat heaven, I'm sure he's there. My beautiful loving cat who resembled a miniature tiger. I miss him so.
My dream is to one day take in all the cats who need a warm, clean home and above all, an abundance of love.
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7 Responses Jun 1, 2012

Cats are amazing and yes hahaha they DO smell good! I had to put down my 15 year old a few months back, I know how hard it is to lose an old friend.

How is it even possible? ;-) Cats have so many different personalities...anyone can find a match... (I have one in my lap right now)

I am so sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences.

I so agree! I absolutely adore cats. I had the most precious cat friend growing up. That beautiful, handsome tabby meant the world to me. The unconditional love, affection and yes dare i say friendship I received from that cat has honestly yet to be challenged by a human companion.<br />
Before anyone thinks that I am some hermit recluse, let me reassure you that I am married with children and enjoy healthy and rewarding friendships with people.<br />
I just really loved my cat, and have yet to adopt a new feline as i still grieve his loss and fear I would not be able to handle another loss just yet. It has been 15 years since my little buddies death and even now I am missing him and tearing up. Thank you for sharing your story.

That is a huge loss. My brother had a similar experience and has not been able to get a new cat. I think it would be a wonderful idea if he did, and I asked him (I know this is dorky) if he thought she would want him to be so sad about losing her years later or if she'd want him to have another cat buddy again. Animal lovers should have pets I think. Maybe if you visited a shelter and waited until you connected/bonded with one (rather than just going out with the intent to get a cat one day) you might be open again to having one. I think you'd give a homeless cat a great life :)

Awwww, thank you Ruby! I think that's an awesome idea.

We said goodby to a cat recently too. A big black furry guy we rescued from cold and hunger about 12 years ago. When we put him down last month, I wept for that cat like no other. He was special. He would curl up in my arms when I sat in my armchair and he curled up beside me every night when I went to bed. His name was Shadow. He was a real gentleman. I'm sure God prepared a place for him in the afterlife. After we recued him, I wrote a story that I published on Kindle called Two Feral Waifs. He meant a lot to me, and I will miss him always.


I understand your grief and I am so sorry for your loss. I, too wept when my little buddy died and still cry when I think of him.

I'm sorry about your loss. I soon will have to deal with losing a cat very close to my heart. She sounds just like your kitty.<br />
Cats just seem to help take the stress and confusion away for a little while. They help so much.

Don't worry soxy is safe and happy and another furry buddy will find you. They always have a way of doing that. :)

I agree . . . I am a cat person too . . . I am very sorry about your loss . . . been there . . . thank you for sharing . . . I hope that you will soon find another furry friend to keep you company and care for each other . . .