Who Can Finish The Song

If all my cats were gone and the sky was grey,
I would be so lonely on a winter's day
My wife works all day. We're not in LA,
I went for a walk and began to pray.
thefev69 thefev69
56-60, M
4 Responses Jun 9, 2012

Thank you for your encouragement. I hope you had a good sleep last night.

Golden eyed feline dreaming on such a lonely day. (on such a lonely day)

Howdy 'thefev69' ... Glad you liked the song. What instrument goes with this song ?? Are you going to sing it too ?? Just curious how it would all work out. I just thought back to what my Buddy did with so many people for so many years. "Chill out Mom - I know what to do", etc. Uh, ya ... okay "?"... You are very welcome to put it on your purr-fect blog if you would like to. Enjoy ...

Awsome song, can I put it on my blog: http://cattheory.blogspot.ca ???

Sounds like you are California Dreamin' with the "Mama's & the Papa's" ... caught the tune right away - name that tune ??

Came across a cat ... (that) I had passed along the way
He started to walk and talk with me
On a sunny day ...

People stared along the street
As we walked on by
That cat knew where he was going
No need to ask him why

I wondered where he was headed
Where he would take me
He showed me some directions
To help to set me free

The cats know all the answers
The cats know what to do
They know where you need to go
And what you need too

Listen to the cats ...
They will guide you along
They understand the humans
And help to keep us strong ...

Chorus ??

P.S. It's been a long time since I tried that ... "?" ... (Gonna get a bit of sleep now - never got to sleep last night and it is now 4:35 pm - arrrrgh !!!!)