The Neighborhood Flirt

My block was once presided over by the best cat in the world. He has since moved on; I don't know where, or under what circumstances; he just stopped showing up. Possibly the people he was living with succeeded in placing him elsewhere since apparently he was their daughter's cat and they didn't like him. I don't know how anyone could not like him. Most every day when I came home from somewhere he'd recognize my car and come running up to me, then look me right in the eyes and jump all over me. Yes, he had a penchant for wiping his muddy paws on my boobs, but for some reason I didn't mind. I even forgave him for nibbling on my chin. Clearly he was a naughty creature, but so loving, so brash! I miss him and I hope he's okay, wherever he is.

janebee janebee
3 Responses Jun 5, 2008

Ummmm...excuse but you seem to be rather befuddled. If you adore cats sooooooo much why do you have an ostrich as you profile picture? It’s all very confusing don’t you think huh?

I knew a cat like that. His name was Dennis and I miss him too. I bet he is doing just fine wherever he went. Little furry joy spreaders.

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