Best Friends For Life

I have another red cat that lives with me. He is a stray I took in as a kitten. A few years ago, a gray cat appeared in the yard and was hanging out with my Red. This other cat LOVED him, when Red was there it would roll on the ground, etc. This gray cat's fur was terrible looking. It looked like a blanket that had gone through the wash that was supposed to be dry clean only. After feeding this cat over a course of time, it shed all that ratty looking fur and grew a wonderful new shiny coat. We thought that this new cat who we named Gracie, should be spayed before she gets pregnant. We caught her and brought her to the vet. The next day the vet called and told us the cat was a male and also that he had already been neutered. Sadly he also said that he had feline aids. I can only conclude that he had been dumped after his former owner found this out. his name is Grape seed (cause it sounds like Gracie) and he and Red are best friends for life. I have posted some pics of them.

dwightmann dwightmann
51-55, M
Jun 19, 2008