I Have Too Many!

This is my latest "found on the freeway" kittens:

I get off work at 3 AM on a Friday night/Saturday morning.
I had just gotten off work.
I was driving past the one on-ramp, going to make a u-turn and head east...and I hear "MEOW!" Coming from the on-ramp.
I thought "That was a kitten.  Oh noooo."
I made a U-turn, came back around, put the blinkers on and when I heard another "MEOW!" I stopped.  Hoping no drunks whacked into my car, I got out.  I walked over to the edge of the ramp, while meowing, and getting response meows.
The little fart in the picture came right up to me.
Then I grabbed him hard by the scruff and held on while he freaked out...

Got him home without getting bit only to have him sink his teeth to the hilt in my thumb, twice.
It was really annoying to sit there and pet him while blood was running down my hand.
He had a little burn on his nose.  I suspect he's yet another kitten who took an inadvertent ride in an engine compartment, because his eyes were solid blue and his teeth were not in all the way.
He's mellowing out here...I suspect we're stuck with him.
This is cat number 8....o.O'
I like cats, but I wish the universe would stop throwing them at me.
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That is very nice of you. I have three cats that I found outside and one adopted from a shelter. Your cats are very lucky they have you.

My STBX wants to take all the cats-maybe leaving the one antisocial one with me.
She seems very determined on getting kitty custody, I do not want to deprive her of her cat-children.
...I will miss the kitties I currently live with, but knowing me?
I'll have MORE of them show up. o.O

You are an angel! The world needs more kind souls like you. How could anyone dump a kitten like that? He is VERY lucky that you happened to hear him. Congrats on your new addition ;-)

Oh, I don't think he was dumped. Kittens have a bad habit of hiding in engine compartments. Then the owner of the car, all unknowing of the cat's presence, drives off, and accidentally relocates the kitten.

Ah, I see! Are you going to put an ad in the paper or anything just to see if someone lost their kitten? I'm so glad you found him... a kitten by an on ramp could have ended really badly. (He is so CUTE!)

I think he was feral, honestly...he's still a little standoffish.

Awww... he may take some work to come around but he will be worth it.... you are great for taking him in!

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I know how you feel. This lady at work is going through a hard divorce and was trying to find her cat a home for months. She made a statement that she was going to put the cat to sleep if she couldn't find him a home by last Sunday. I mention taking him to a shelter, but she didn't want to do that---I ask why and she just didn't want to do that to the cat. But putting the cat to sleep was better. Personally I think the cat was her soon to be ex-husbands. Of course me being a cat lover, stated that I will take him if she can't find him a home by Sunday. Guess who had another cat :/ He is a siamese and only 1 1/2, so I couldn't let her put him down. So now we are up to 7!

I cannot understand people like that. They put animals down at the drop of a hat. 1 1/2??? geez I hate people sometimes. Congrats on your new addition as well! (I have a Siamese and they are beyond entertaining!)

Thanks! He is a really sweet loving cat.

That is so sweet of you to rescue all these kitties. ^-^ I only have one kitten myself (and she's a little ****), but I loves her. I have a friend who has 10 cats, so you're not doing too bad. Lol.

Aww that is so sweet of you. You make the world a better place.

I certainly make my part of the world a somewhat-more ammonia-scented place...

I sympathize with you. http://cattheory.blogspot.ca

I am no longer allowed to take the trash to the dumpster i kept bringing home cats. My loving & very understanding husband told me from now on I will take off the trash, we can't have anymore cats & i realize if you see them you will have to bring them home.