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My Cat's Only Got One Ear

Yes, I really do love cats. I'd rather they didn't mangle birds though, but I can live with that. Obviously the birds that get mangled can't though.
My cat's called Oscar. I rescued him as a kitten from a sanctuary. He was taken away from his mum too early, so he still thinks he's a kitten at the age of 11.
He's only got one ear now after 3 operations to stop the skin cancer caused by too much lying around in the garden. Awww!
Anyway, if he was a woman, I'd be laughing, because this cat truly loves me, and I love him. He's my friend, and I'm happy to be one of his staff.
Themanwithnobrakes Themanwithnobrakes 41-45, M Jul 31, 2012

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