A Kitty's Revenge

So, you may not have read the story about my ex-husband. Long story short, he's a bad man..... He's now my Ex. Moving on.

We had 2 cats. One was a beautiful grey/silver tabby named Blade. The other was a big long-haired, white cat with black patches. When we split up he wouldn't let me atleast take Blade, which was mama's boy. He kept them and refused to let me have them. Well, 2 days later my ex called me and told me that I needed to come see what's wrong with my cats. They are ******** everywhere! So I went over while he was at work. They **** in the tub, on the kitchen counter, on the bed and pillows, all over the floor, not to mention the urine all over the furnature! And you could really tell it was deliberate. A liitle piece here, a little piece there. Cat's don't poop like that. They poop one big poop and they are done for a while. I took a look at the litter pan. Totally spotless with fresh litter and no litter spilled on the floor like it usually is when they hop out.

He really expected me to clean up after "my" cats. I left it that way. It made my day! Haha. He called again after he got home and asked why I didn't clean it up. I said, "you won't let me have them so it's your problem now" as I giggled and hung up.

Thank you Blade and Sly! You did what I couldn't and though he deserves much worse, it still makes me smile!
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2012

I had a cat that would poop right on the middle of my bed if I didn't keep his litter-box up to his standards, and he loved me. Your cats must be really pissed at your ex.

Lol. I have a cat right now who will poop on the kitchen rug if I forget.

They were really pi$$ed at him...<br />
Apparently thought he was a turd.<br />
Kittehs are literal...or is that litter-all ?

Yup. Mama wasn't there anymore and I think they knew why! I love cats! A dog wouldn't do that. Lol

No...though I knew some people with a wolf-hybrid, and he trashed the house when he was unhappy...I expect some dogs would cover the floor with couch remains. I could see Spaz doing that...