2 Cats = 6 Kittens

I love cats!  I've loved cats since I can remember.  Which, as of late, is a long time!

As a kid, I grew up on a farm.  So of course we had cats everywhere.  They were a necessary animal around the barn and chicken house.  Kept the mice away from the feed. 

When I got married, I realized very quick that my ex didn't like cats at all.  Oh, I still had the occasional stray come around.  I'd feed it, give it water, and as long as it stayed outside, him and I got along fine.  It was when I took it upon myself to go to the Humane Society and adopt a kitten that we went rounds.  He was LIVID!  I had the kitten for several months.  Took care of it myself.  The ex just simply had to exist under the same roof.  One day, I came home, and my cat was gone.  I still to this day have NO CLUE what he did to it.  I was crushed.

Last year, on Mother's Day, I adopted two beautiful kittens.  Jezzy, a short haired orange tabby, and Mr. Slinks aka Slinky, a gray tiger short-haired tabby.  Awesome cats!  Their personalities are wonderful!  I'm very blessed this time around to have a roomie / partner who adores these two as much as I do. 

On Easter, Jezzy gave birth to a litter of 6 kittens.  The most adorable kittens I've seen since getting her and Mr. Slinks.  I don't know what I'm going to do ... I can't bring myself to adopt them out.  I want to keep all of them.  How sexy is a divorced Mother of 2 living with 8 cats?? 

I'm going to be known as the freaky cat lady!!  Oh well .... CHEERS!  I'm the freaky cat lady in Apt 1, don't mind me.


zencricket zencricket
31-35, F
May 3, 2007