I Love Kitties Too.

    Yes, as a matter of fact i do love kittens, however they can be quite a disappointment if not prepared properly.  I've found that if they are field dressed and quickly boiled, then soaked in beer for about 24 hours, and baked with a light breading, the meat is tender and the taste exquisite!  I would recomend a light blush Zinfendel or white wine. Rice and asparagus make great side dishes for this particular meal.
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Seriously, **** OFF with your spam!

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I just had to laugh---:)

Great spoof, Puck! LOL

That's one one way to add some spice to a group called "I love kitties" haha get it??? nevermind... :)

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**** off

HAHA! I made a similar joke in a school oral presentation once.<br />
<br />
Well, to be true I do not wish cats to be dead or anything. But I don't like cats.<br />
I've always loved birds, but since that time a cat held one of my birds in its mouth I've disliked cats (not all cats, but most). They sneak inside my house sometimes and try to steal food. They have wounded me several times etc.<br />
Now I start to wonder why I am browsing the "I love Kitties" - group...

Good one. You really had me there.

Don't hate me, I love critters iwas just kidding.