I come to the experience project via a small feline named Cleo. I have nick-named her 'Cleopatra the feline terrorist.' I am connected to the experience project by the man, R, who gave me Miss Cleo. He and my ex roommate, A, would feed her at a dumpster behind Marie Calendars in Stockton. When R began to realize she was getting old enough, he trapped he and had her spayed. But Cleo did not quite get along with his other two cats, or maybe it was the other way around and asked my ex roommate if she knew anyone who might take her, I was the first person she thought of. R comes every couple of months to see her, and to give me food for her, and my other cat, Cinnamon, and my dog, Chalupa. R and I have become good friends and he suggested I check out the experience project.

By the way, Chalupa showed up first, on a porch where I lived. I renamed him. Cinnamon came next from people with too many kitties who were moving into an apartment. Cleo came last. They arrived in alphabetical order.
Mersix Mersix
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

It's wonderful to hear of someone taking in a lost cat and giving her a home. I did the same thing to 14 cats over the years. You are a hero.