My 22 Year Old Cat Passed Away.

My cat Scotchie, the love of my life, has passed away at the age of 22. I was 3 when we got her and i can not help but be super emotional. She has been the only positive constance thing in my life. She was white with caramel color spots and long hair. She has kidney failure which we new of....but I didnt want to put her down because she was still good. She ate, drank and made the litter box.

Then one night while she was in bed with me, around four a.m. on a Thursday, she was shaking like crazy. I put her on the floor and she keep shaking. Then the shaking stopped and she was like frozen...and kept meowing...i was just petting her. That lasted for about ten minutes then she came out of it.

The next two days her health declined like hell and by Sunday she could not even move. So if she didn't die during the night I was going to take her to be put down. I woke up Monday morning and she was died.

I really felt at peace though, she was with me all night and I held her. I was there for her like she has been my whole life.

We got her cremated so I will always have her. night i swear i still hear her meowing in my room.

Best cat ever! Had the best life ever!

Love Love Love her!

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My kitty 22 as well is passing as well and its very rough on me right now. we are taking her to the vet tonight to get her put to sleep because I cannot think of any way how she could be comfortable. it makes me so sad :( I gotta be strong for her though. if anyone reads this please say a prayer for her


So very touching, thank you for sharing :) Your kitty can feel your love for her even now, and I'm sure she is so incredibly grateful to have an owner that was a true friend.

I'm sorry for your loss. Twenty-two? Wow. I've no doubt that Scotchie's life with you was full and happy.

Three years ago I put down the most wonderful cat ever, Tuxedo Torpedo, I have two more now, but he was the man. I am so sorry for your loss.

Im very sorry about your cat. For me my cats are like family members, losing either of them are horrible and i dont want to think about. Your cat was like family member to you, may your cat rest in peace. Stay strong