And Mine Misses Me

Myca. Rescued, more literally than most animals experience, from the side of the road with a broken leg. When my mother picked her up, she was feral, but now, she's so tame that if she's outside and has to go to the bathroom, she askes to be let in.

She bonded to me. All the other animals we've had bonded to my mother, my father, or my sister. But I got her.

They say you can't train a cat, but that's not true. Training a cat is very different from training a dog, for two reasons. One, dogs want to please you; you have to make sure cats know that the training lies in their best interests, that they'll benefit. Two, dogs can be trained with negative reinforcement; cats are exclusively respondent to positive reinforcement.

I trained Myca to stay on the deck when I took her out. If anyone else takes her out, she behaves for a while and then jumps off. If anyone else sees her creeping towards the edge, their voice encourages her to run for it. At my voice she retreats.

When I moved out of my folks' house a year and a half ago, she stayed behind. I only moved across town, but I don't visit often, trying to make a clean break, trying not to be dependent on them (like my sister is), trying to be my own man, so I don't see her often.

When I do visit, she sidles up real close, begs to be taken outside on the deck, and when I do, about half the time she tries to sneak off. I think she just misses my voice.

When I'm getting ready to leave, if I've taken off my shoes during the course of my visit, she finds them and sits on them.

I've had nightmares since moving out of my folks getting rid of her for some unknown reason, and they've reassured me that if something did come up, they'd let me take her, ever help with her expenses (since I can barely afford to cover mine own).

I've visited a few times just to see her. I miss my cat, Myca-T, Mycat, and she misses me.
mononoaware mononoaware
26-30, M
Sep 16, 2012