Memories Of The Fellow Feline

Hello everyone, thank you all for viewing my story, it is a much appreciated to see that others are willing to read what I have to say...

Anyways, I have had a total of 46 cats in my entire life, and about 10-20 kittens. Many of my felines have ran away, died from a disease, or died from old age.

Over a course of my life, I have adjusted and found that FELINES are far more superior than any CANINE in this world...

Sure, a feline (might not) run into a fire and drag you out... but they are always very compassionate, smart, and loving. They're wonderful to cuddle, they don't make a mess everywhere (most of the time), and they don't often make big bathroom problems.

Instead, they have a litter box, they cover up the mess (sometimes), and you don't have to go in public to pick up their "mess".

Regardless of what a cat may do to me in my life... whether tear up my couch, or chew on my shoe strings... they have always been there for me, and I have been saved many times by my fellow feline companion.

Some say a dog is "man's best friend", when in my heart... the fellow feline will always be my best friend.

When I was a little at about the age of 9, a neighbors Pitbull tried to attack me, and the strangest thing of all... my cat risked it's life to save me. The Pitbull ran off after having it's eyes severely torn up, and it's face clawed up...

As for my cat, he stood there... and I swear, he even whispered "that's what you get for messing with my owner..."

He didn't sustain any injuries, which is pretty amazing comparing his size to this Pitbull's size.

Indeed, most cats are very lazy, very stubborn, and very independent...

But a cat has always been my friend, has always made me smile, and is a wonderful pet to have in case you need a good cuddle or a fur to cry into.

Thank you very much for reading my post, and I hope that you too... appreciate the fellow feline as much as I do...

You may not see the fellow feline as "superior" over CANINES... but in my heart, no dog will ever be as good as any cat I come by.

KohtaHirano KohtaHirano
18-21, M
Sep 19, 2012