Odd Cats.

My cats are a little different. I don't know if this is normal, but every time one of them pukes, the other one cleans it up by eating it. It's gross, but I still love them. Another weird thing, that they got better on now, is that they used to be lactosintolirent (if that's how you spell it). I really don't know many cats who don't like milk. Lastly, a friend of mine had a cat who REALLY liked water. Tahw couldn't go in the shower withought the cat jumping in it with her. I think that would be awsome to have a water loving cat. My cats will spray their legs way out if you get them near water. It's so funny. You should see it. It makes you lauph.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Haha, one of my cats has little periods of time where he'll throw up a lot for a week or so every once in a while... and I don't know if he eats it, or my other cat does, but if I don't get to it quick enough one of them eats it. =/

And cats aren't supposed to drink milk. I know there are all the old stories about milk being great for cats and kittens, but it's actually pretty bad for them. They usually enjoy it, but it has bad effects on their health, so it's probably good that your cats don't like it. My cat is obsessed with coffee, and they're not supposed to have caffeine so I can't leave any cups sitting around the house unattended. :) And he hates meat! Even fish!

1. I didn't know that about the milk
2. That's a funny cat u have.