Just Adopted A Three Year Old Polydactyl From a Shelter.

SO I am looking for some feed back. I have not had a cat since I was in college, and I have just yesterday adopted a cat from a shelter that was a surrender, HE has been at the shelter for 3 or 4 weeks.. He is handsome weighing at 15.5 pounds, huge. Brought him home, stayed under the bed for a couple of hours as I would expect, but he came out and socialized with my husband, me and our little dog Teddy, (which is also a rescue). He did he really great, not thrilled with Teddy, but they sat together with me, and even cuddled on the couch. Early this morning, Sam (the cat), demeanor completely changed meowed for 2 hours, then hid under the bed, and downstairs in a blanket.. I called the vet to cancel our appt, and reschedule his appt for another day, I was afraid to stress him more. I spoke to the vet tech, she suggested, the plug in pheromone.., went to the store, got that as well as more things for him. when I got home, he is out from under the bed, now he is hidden on some shelving behind some storage tubs, again in the basement..

Just wondering what I can do to make him feel safe through this transition, and why the behavior difference from last night and today.

Thank you.
bekah930 bekah930
Sep 22, 2012