Deaf Kittens

I have 4 cats and two of them are seven months old and deaf. THey are both pure  white.  We found them in our garage with their feral mommy, and she left them there. We bottle fed them and now they are the best! I couldn't give them away!
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Thanks for caring for these kittens. Enjoy them.

Are they all spayed/neutered ?

And the amazing thing about deaf cats is they don't know they are so they go about their business. You have to be super vigilant about keeping them indoors because they can't hear things that may harm them outside!

I had a deaf kitten once. Only she was deaf because the previous owners didn't take care of her and mites lived in her ears so bad that they were deformed and made her deaf. She was the best kitty ever!!! Unfortunately she got eaten by coyotes. Hazards of being a cat owner and living in the area I do.

Awww that is so sad but at least they had you to take care of them :) I've grown up around bottle feeding kittens and it is very rewarding to experience that and to take care of babies that way. :D

Never had a deaf cat. ...Hey,* theres a buisness oppertunity going begging!

My black and white kittie, Alfie, is deaf. He has a problem with balance, very clumsy. Is that common with deaf kittens? He is an angel. A real gift from God.

Growing up, we had a white, deaf cat. It was my mother`s favourite cat. She loved to ride in the car with us and we always got so much attention. Once we went through a car wash just to see what she would do. She just took a nap on the dashboard. LOL.

white cats with blue eyes are often deaf, and prone to cancers that are fatal. i loved my white, deaf kitty, and cried for a long time when he died. his name was "southpaw". he was a lovely, gentle spirit.

I used to live with a roommate who had cats roaming the property. I more or less got adopted by two kittem brothers. One was named Dash for his running, and my favorite was Dot.<br />
Dot was white with blue eyes, and was profoundly deaf, too. His fitting name came from the black on one eye, which was his only coloring.<br />
Dot was more timid than Dash, but had a warmer personality.