My Beloved Boys

Cats have always been a part of my life. I have 4 at the moment, all strays. That is why it gladdens my heart to see this group. I love cats and ergo love people who love cats. After last nights distress of those horrible stories, i can almost forget them just for seeing this page.  Leonardo DaVinci Said "Even the smallest cat is a masterpiece." I couldn't agree more.
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I am a total cat lover. I get the puppy sniffing unconditional love thing, I do. However the Regal aloof, I'll get back to you on that attitude with independance and dependancies in full stride, there is no better companion in my opinion except a lover.

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I've always loved animals my whole life, but especially cats. I've rescued many stray cats & always feed the homeless ones on the street. I also donate money to many animal rescue, animal welfare & animal shelters. There is no greater feeling when you saved & rescued a poor helpless animal. I have 4 cats at the moment & love them all dearly. I feel an instant liking towards people who loves & helps animals while I instantly despise those who hates & tortures poor animals. I'm sending you peace & blessings for your kindness. You have a good heart. Take care.

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My cats have all been strays usually too, I used to have more than I have now! This new kitten is powered by Duracell I think, its mad ! Hope your feeling better, take care x

Must be quite the show to watch. Dont you just love knowing you can actually look at the clock and wait for the furry blur to come zipping by??????