Cats Are So Adorable!

There are 3 cats under my block and I call them Brownie, Orangie and Whitey (weird names right?). So Brownie has a small face but a very big and fat body. While Orangie and Whitey are skinny. So me and my siblings will feed them food when we are free. We always see the way they eat and drink as it is kinda cool because they eat and drink differently than us. Brownie is a little bit picky he doesn't drink like at all. He only eat a lot until he is full. Orangie is my favorite cat among the three of them as he is not picky he eats and drinks whatever we give him. Whitey is worse than Brownie. She will never drink and eat even though we know she is hungry. Cats are just so weird but bad I don't keep one. I'm gonna miss them as we are moving out. I wonder who will feed them when they are hungry? I hope they will be ok when we are gone...
Epicangel Epicangel
13-15, F
Nov 26, 2012