I Love Cats

I love my cats and I have the three of them on my bed as I write this. I have Astaire, Stanley and Hill. They are all three males and I did not bring any of them home, I got them all by the way of an x. No matter how I got them they bring me comfort and keep me calm, they love me as much as I love them, I never worry about that.

Astaire is a 12 year old short haired tuxedo cat, he is missing his tale and I do not know how he lost it. He is a handsome cat who love to lick my hands and face. he is a huge talker and gets pissed off at me if I am gone for two or more days. He has small feet but walks like he is a king and struts to prove it.

Stanley and Hill are brothers and are 8 yrs old, they both are long hair cats and they were found one the corner of Stanley and Hill in Signal Hill Calif. Stan is a tabby filled with love and playfulness, he is beautiful (my avatar is a pic of Stan). he is one of those cats who slowly closes his eyes and looks loving at me when we are together. He likes to sleep at the top of my bed and touch my face in the night to let me know he is there. His winter coat is filling in and he looks beautiful.

Hill is a black cat that is only happy when he is sitting on me or jumping on me. He loves to sleep under the covers with his head on my arm or on the pillow. Hill is a sleek light cat that is able to leap tall buildings, or at least tall pieces of furniture. He has yellow eyes and always looks surprised, I call it his Zoolander look.

I love my boys so much and I hope to share more stories about them in the future.

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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Im full of envey for your treasure.

I'm glad you didn't throw the cats out with the X. They sound adorable. I have four cats, and usually there are three of them on the bed when I wake up in the morning waiting for their servant to get up. http://cattheory.blogspot.ca

Your cats are beautiful but then again its hard to find an ugly cat :)