Alergic Cat

I have a cat, bi-colour black and white long haired male. He had an alergy for which he was being force fed pills every day to keep him from scratching himself to death. The medication known as Medrol was also making him gain weight astonishingly fast. This cat, Simon, was a very close friend of one of our other cats, Shadow. He was a large black long haired cat with a thick undercoat that shed gobs of black fur all over our carpets. After we had to put Shadow down because of cancer, Simon's alergy disappeared. It's amazing. I never heard of a cat being alergic to another cat, but there you have it. By the way, Shadow was the best cat ever. He used to snuggle me in my easy chair and sleep next to me in bed. He never scratched or bit and was always very gentle. I loved him and I think he loved me. If you ever heard of a cat being alergic to another cat, let me know.
thefev69 thefev69
56-60, M
Nov 30, 2012