I Have 5 of My Own

I live in a suburban neighborhood and I am sure it is a dumping ground for unwanted kitties. All 5 I have now were strays and I can tell a couple of them had belonged to someone. My special angel is a little red guy who I found living in the bushes between my house and my neighbors. I just assumed it was my neighbor's cat so I didn't bother with it, then when I saw he was there all the time I went over to see if it was all right. He was covered in scabs, dehydrated and his fur had been pulled out from him biting at the itchy sores. He was flea ridden and starving. I immediately started feeding him and gave him a bowl of water which I kept clean and filled for him to drink. I also put flea meds on him and started giving him antibiotics to heal the sores. Then I remembered I had some prednisone from a kitty that I had lost a year before. I dosed him over a course of a couple of weeks and he healed up and grew new fur. Eventually I found out he WAS the neighbor's cat and they told me he didn't want to come in and eat any more. (so they left him out there to starve???) I dont know why but he had just given up on life. I think it was him feeling that he wasn't wanted or loved. My neighbor takes in strays and she has quite a few over there but for some reason or other, this kitty isolated himself. Now he is all mine and lives with me. He still has skin problems but I bring him to the vet when it gets bad for shots. I try to limit the number of shots he gets because I have been told they will do damage to him in the long run. My wife named him after the first couple of days we knew him. She said we should call him "Chance" because he needed a second chance. He is a sweet soul and that is why God sent him to me. He knew I would care for him and give him the life he deserved all along. :O)
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Are you for real you absolute loser? Next time I see your cat I'm going to break it's legs and boil it's eyes. I'm sick of your cat coming onto my garden and ******** all over it. Yeah, that's right, it's your neighbor.

First chance I get. First chance!!!

Great story! You are real man because real men like cats!

What a really touching story. My partner and I have five cats now and two were strays, and the other three are now 10 and are litter mates that were born at our neighbor's house and were unwanted. We've been taking in cats for 25 years. Two of our favorites died a number of years ago, one from FIV he caught in a fight with another homeless male who came on our property, and the other guy died from the cortisone injections the vet gave him for his allergies. We lost another female caused by old age and another female in a cat fight with another stray.. Two cats sleep with me every night and compete as to which one will lie on my chest. I live in California and most of the cats like to be outside much of the time and I've got a cat door so they can come and go as they please. It's all been very rewarding as all of them really love us a lot and are very affectionate. One of the males reached out to my partner when he was just a week old and is still a lover but only when no other cat is watching. He tries to be very macho except in private then he is amazingly affectionate and purrs like crazy. The food bills are high because they free feed in dishes we leave outside in the breezeway and also wet food inside several times a day. Somehow they all maintain a good weight except for one female who was always overweight even when very young, I think its genetic with her. All our cat are spayed or neutered except for our most recent arrival who we took in several months ago. He's probably about a year old and has monstrous size balls and I know the surgery would be so painful for him so i'm reluctant to have it done.

There are not enough good people in the world like you!

This is such a wonderful story. I love that you've given him a home and that he's so special to you now. Also... kudos to you for taking him to the vet... people often forget that aspect of pet ownership. I know this story is older, but it made my day :-D

I have many of you all beat, i have almost 15+ cats, I have everyone of them spoiled. I love all of them like my own kids, I pick them up and cuddle them. I can take them and call them a cute name. I have more cats I have giving them nice names to keep. I love people who take up stray cats and love them to bits. :)

my wife and i volunteered for 9 years at an animal rescue shelter in Sonoma, California. I always had cats in my life, now disabled, the shelter was a good way to use my time. in those 9 years we fostered over 370 kittens; due to global warming, we went from just 1 kitten season, then 2 seasons, and when we left the shelter, 3 kitten seasons a year! you have to be so compassionte and empathetic to the animal's needs. my very day i was handed the only survivor of a litter of 8, tossed over our gate, in a brown bag. i was instructed to just hold her in my warm hands. if she lived for a set time, she would survive, unlike her 7 brothers & sisters. she was so tiny and helpless. i slowly, gently petted her one finger, all the while fighting back tears, praying she inherited the souls of her now dead bretherin. she lived, i named her Rhonda, and is a long-haired brown & gold tortie point. as she recovered at the shelter, she would howl when i arrived and stick to me like velcro all day long and to this day. what a way to learn the cruelity of humans towards animals who depend on us for food, shelter, medical care, and most important of all, love from our hearts for them. 9 years, a ton of fosters, way too many lost despite our moving heaven and earth to save them, we kept one kitten a year (on top of our four cats). there were times you can't explain the joy of fostering, as when we took in 17 kittens from many litters; once everyone reached 7 weeks, we opened the door to our remodeled 3rd bedroom (complete with a kitten cage for new mothers, independent ac/heating, refrig for meds and KMR, and an electric litter box for constant cleanliness and electric 1 gallon water fountain for constantly filtered water) and the kitten stampede was on! we have wooden floors and all those kittens slipped & slid everywhere. being committed 7 days a week between the shelter and fostering at home finally took its toll on me & my wife. we had run out of tears to shed for the cats and kittens that perished. but we have the fosters we adopted over the years to remind us that every second at PetsLifeline in Sonoma was well spent. Love your pets as they love you, 24/7. gary & carole huygen (gchuygen32@comcast.net)

That's a very nice story. Wow!

Cats are awesome, and I am glad to hear of someone taking care of a stray and doing the right thing as opposed to some loser sicko hurting animals that didn't do a bad thing in their lives. Glad to know there are some nice people around who will help out with some of our furry friends.


Your an amazing person and that cat is blessed to have you two as his new owners. It is problemall over peple gettign rid of cats all the time I was a pet sitter and one of my cliens took in strays she kept several cats had thm nutered to prevet mor cats from being born stray. I love cats and it kills me people move an leave them behind all the time. You never see tons of dogs roaming around stray cat are awesme not sure why people treat them so poorly.<br />
<br />
Thanks! for sharing your experience touching story.

i wonder where gryfn lives.. i live on Long Island /hamptons/and its kind of cats hell here...i live by the beach where people dump their dogs and cats and there r tons of ferals ....<br />
humane society trapping and altering cats is like a dream......and that area really needs it...we tried to trap cats here ...i ended up with 3 inside /outside and 5 outside only so far .........<br />
i am spending a fortune on a cats food ...forget about hairdressing,nails etc all my spare money goes to feed feral cats...and its getting worst....more cats r showing up.....<br />
i dont understand why nobody steps in....and neighbours look like they dont like the fact i feed strays...just let them die horrible death of starvation/all my cats looks great inside and outside/<br />
and then everybody jokes that u r crazy cat lady .....but they will not move a finger when starved kitten all in wounds shows up.........<br />
i would really prefer to go to the spa and not feed all these guys who actually had owners before....it should be punished by law to abandon your pet that way......<br />
just like a child.....and then all these people who do not give a **** about starving cats around them will call police on You and be aggressive because they hate cats....<br />
i feel like a criminal when i go with my litlle bag of frieskies to feed litlle dudes.....and all i get is either being laughed at or threatened .....<br />
it s really frustrating.........but i have my rewards when all the kitties dance around and everybody showes me their bellies...i dont know what it iis but a lot of cats always wants to show me their bellies its sooo cute......

I love your compassion for these animals.....we are all God's creatures and cats deserve love and affection as well as food and a home. Bless you for being so kind.

Love this story. Just gotta ask - exactly how do you and wife get any sleep with all your cats running around at night??!! I have one (love him to bits) but he is such a party boy once the lights go out... Hats off to you!

Heartwarming story. You are, indeed, a kind soul. With horrifying stories of animal/pet abuse running rampant these days, it is so inspirational to hear a tale of kindness, love and compassion. Simply awesome!

Where I live, it's hard to tell the feral cats from the pets. All the cats are healthy. I don't know why--but animals here don't get fleas--maybe it's the altitude. The humane society trap all the feral cats--they notify when they do this--so pets can be kept in on those days. After they trap them- they take them to a vet who alters them. Then they bring them back and let them loose.<br />
People around here feed them- and there is a lot of quail--so I guess it's kind of cat heaven :).

You are an inspiration!! I have my own stray cat we rescued from my grans garden! The seem to be attracted to her! All of her cats, apart from 1 who ran away because she didnt like kittens!, have been strays she has looked after no matter what! She has another that is very ferrel and is doing her best to help it!

Lovely story, you are kind and devoted to your cats

We have three little kitties, all were strays. My siamese Sally was living in a home where she wasn't wanted, she had been a gift to the family and they weren't "cat people". They had a few large dogs in the home and a year old baby that picked the kitten up and squeezed and hurt her. They didn't give her a litter box, simply locked her in a spare room with water and food. I got her at 7 weeks old, she had ear mites and open sores on her from scratching at the fleas and her ribs showed. I got her healed up and she is GORGEOUS. She's the classic apple head siamese with dark brown fur on her face and legs and tail, pale blue eyes. She's still very small tho, the vet said either she was the runt of her litter or she didn't get enough nourishment in her first few weeks (that's my guess). She only weighs 5 pounds, but she thinks she's ten feet tall, she's always trying to whip the other kitties in the house. She's my angel.

My God bless you for your actions for this poor little cat! You went more than the second mile in helping him, and he really need that kind of love and attention. My heart goes out to all the abused and homelss ones, esp cats. It's great that your wife supports you in this too.I did shed a tear, but am much happier now knowing that there are folk like you out there. Chance will be your friend and love you.


aww.. if i were not in an internet shop, I'll surely burst out crying! god bless you and just wanted you to know that i was inspired by your story.. :)

wow. that brought tears to my eyes. you are obviously an amazing person!

Your love and generosity for CHANCE and all cats, touched my heart stings!!

How cruel of your neighbour to leave poor Chance out in the cold. Thank goodness you found him and gave him a loving home. I wish there were people like you around.

What a kind heart you have. Chance deserved a chance and you gave it to him. My heart goes out to you and all the poor unwanted animals in this world. There are so many of them and it takes people like you to make a difference for them. We now have 5 dogs - so we have our hands full. One in 9 dogs gets a good home and I'm sure it's a worse statistic with cats.


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